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3-Year Old Girl Kidnapped, Raped And Beheaded From A Railway Station In Jharkhand

Every day we either hear about some murders, kidnappings, rapes or suicides. Where are we heading? Is this what we call humanity? Are we even justifying our human nature?
Via: The Sentinel
All these questions arise in our minds when we hear a piece of shocking news just like this. A 3-year-old girl got kidnapped from Tatanagar Railway Station on 25th July, where she was sleeping with her mother. The innocent girl not just got kidnapped but raped and beheaded as well.
As per the TOI reports, the accused named Rinku Sahu was the one who took her from the platform towards the fabrication yard of ISWP company, which is 4km from the railway station. He called his mate and they both raped the child.
Via: Telegraphy India
When the child started shouting, they beheaded her with a sharp weapon. After killing her, they threw the body behind the wall. The mother of the child has complained with Tatangar GRP, and both the accused were arrested after confirming their identity through the CCTV footage.

Via: Hindustan Times

The accused Rinku Sahu holds a criminal history for kidnapping and attempting to kill a child.

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