3 Household Items That Can Work Against The Noval Coronavirus (And 2 That Can’t)

Staying hygienic and having a good immunity are the only two things that can protect us from the deadly Coronavirus right now. According to studies, the virus can remain active on cardboard for almost 24 hours and on a plastic surface for three days.

Other studies have shown that the virus can remain viable on metal, plastic, and glass for up to nine days. The best way to protect yourself from catching the virus is by regularly disinfectant the household appliances.

The best thing is that the things needed to disinfectant the household surfaces are probably already available in your home. Here are a few household items that can combat the deadly virus. Let’s look at these household items:

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Isopropyl Alcohol:

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Alcohol solutions are best to clean the hard surfaces. First, you should clean the surfaces with water and detergent and then apply the alcohol solution on the surface. Leave the solution on the surface for half an hour and then wipe off. It is safe to use alcohol on almost all surfaces.


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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) suggests using a diluted bleach solution to kill the virus. To make the bleach solution, all you need to do is add half a cup of bleach with one-gallon water.

Don’t forget to wear gloves while applying the solution on the surface. Do not mix the solution with any other chemical.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

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According to studies, hydrogen peroxide can kill the rhinovirus. Don’t know about rhinovirus? Well, this virus tougher to kill than Coronavirus. So, hydrogen peroxide can kill the Coronavirus even more easily.

Using the solution on the surface, you need to pour the hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and sprinkle it on the surface to be disinfectant. Leave the solution for one minute and then wipe off with a cotton cloth.

Stop Using Vodka:

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You have been seeing multiple WhatsApp forwards that told you vodka could work against Coronavirus on surfaces. But they are probably fake as multiple vodka making companies claimed that their products do not have enough ethyl alcohol required to kill the virus.

Do Not Use Tea Tree Oil:

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According to some studies, tea tree oil can kill viruses, but there is still no proof that it can work against deadly Coronavirus.

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Did you know any other household items? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

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