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15 Symptoms Of Low Testosterone Level In Women

All women, be attentive! Do you often feel fatigued or depressed? Get your testosterone level checked as it is one of the causes behind it. Though this androgen is usually related to men, thus it is easy to blame other health conditions for it. But, a few signs clearly point out low testosterone in women as the reason behind this change.

Once you notice all or atleast 5 of those symptoms you should go for diagnosis immediately. Do not delay as it can have adverse effects on your body.

But without proper knowledge, you cannot exactly say your body is a little slow in producing testosterone as it happens naturally in women due to menopause. Therefore, we are here to educate you a bit about this vital androgen in females, what it does, and more.

What Is Testosterone?

testosterone in women

Testosterone is a hormone majorly referred to as ‘male hormone’ because it helps the development of testes and prostate which are the male reproductive tissues. Excessive body hair, higher bone mass and muscle are also the results of this hormone.

However, female body also produces this important hormone; the only difference is it is produced in less amount than in males. Ovaries and adrenal glands in females are responsible for its production.

What Does It Do?

Testosterone plays an important role in maintaining good health in women. It

  • Helps in the growth of bones
  • Boost muscle mass
  • Responsible for better libido
  • Helps in maintaining cardiovascular health
  • Reduces fat in women’s body post menopause

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15 Symptoms Of Low Testosterone In Females

Women with low testosterone experience:

low testosterone in women
  1. Poor sexual desire
  2. Low in energy most of the times
  3. Muscle weakness
  4. Mood changes
  5. Weight gain
  6. Poor bone density
  7. Trouble sleeping
  8. Irregularity in menstrual cycles
  9. Fertility problems
  10. Thin hair
  11. Dry skin
  12. Poor memory
  13. Abnormal hair growth
  14. Deepness in the voice
  15. Too much acne

These signs are, however, not enough to tell that your body is not producing enough of this hormone. Most of these signs like thinning of hair, memory loss, weight gain, and so on are also associated with other diseases.

This is why sometimes doctors mistakenly diagnose patients for depression or any other health condition. Only a blood test can clearly figure out whether testosterone is the reason behind these symptoms or not.

Causes Of Low Testosterone Level

testosterone in women

There is no fixed amount of testosterone in females, the level increases and decreases throughout a day and during menstrual cycles. So, it is quite difficult to say what the causes are. Although a few reasons as mentioned below are identified during studies in women:

  1. Continuous use of birth control pills
  2. Improper functioning of ovaries due to chemotherapy or radiation treatment
  3. Those taking anti-hypertensives medicine will also have reduced level of testosterone
  4. Tumors in the pituitary gland
  5. Oophorectomy
  6. Oral estrogen therapy

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How To Treat?

Doctors can recommend testosterone injections to balance the level or reduce the symptoms. Implantation of testosterone pellets is another way to treat this condition. DHEA supplement or lifestyle changes may be one of the options suggested by doctors.

Apart from these, there is no well-researched treatment to balance the testosterone hormone in females. It is because the change is natural with age. But if the above symptoms disturb your day-today life then please consult a good doctor.




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