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13 Times Science Made Us Roll Our Eyes At Some Obvious Conclusions!

You think English is funny? Wait until you read these ‘obviously’ obvious scientific studies which will make you confuse either to laugh or to cringe from within!

1. Healthy Diet Is The Way To A Longer Life!

You don’t say? I thought hoarding on junk is the ultimate road to “Moksh”

Healthy Diet
Via: Mulebar

2. Spider-Man Cannot Exist!

Man, You just broke my heart! So you’re saying I let that spider bit me for no reason? Damn, it hurts!

Spider Man
Via: YouTube

3. People Tend To Layer Up More When It’s Cold!

And here I thought it was my mom’s favourite sport to dress me up in multiple clothing in winters!

Via: Britannica

4. Swallowing A Sword Is Harmful To Your Throat

Really? Maybe those circus people don’t know this. I think someone should tell them!

Swallowing A Sword
Via: YouTube

5. Bullies Tend To Hurt People!

And I thought that guy was playing when he used to push me again and again!

Via: Parenting Pod

6. Dark Web Is Used For Criminal Activities!

Really? Why did my dealer (whom I met via dark web) didn’t tell me that?

Dark Web

7. Your Muscles Work Better When You Exercise Regularly!

And here I was sweating my a*s out in the gym because I had extra money to spare! I didn’t know there was an added benefit.

Via: Healthline

8. Homicide Rates Increased In Double-Fold Due To Mexican Drug War!

Wait, so you’re saying Narcos is not real?

Mexican Drug War
Via: YouTube

9. Quitting Smoking Can Improve Quality Of Life!

You got to be kidding me! I would’ve quit smoking rather than slaving myself in the corporate world!

Via: Vaping Daily

10. Wearing High Heels Can Hurt Your Feet!

No shit! I thought my feet had an allergy to heels or something!

Wearing High Heels
Via: Sharecare

11. People With Foot Odour Don’t Think They Have That And People Who Think They Have, Don’t!

Is this why colleague keeps asking me if I think my feet smell?

People With Foot Odour
Via: Deodrant Advisor

12. Employees Despise Meetings!

No kidding! And here I think my team finds chances to organize meetings.

Meetings in offices
Via: Austria Business Centre

13. You Can Gain Weight By Sitting Around Doing Nothing!

So you’re calling me fat because I lay around in my bed all day doing nothing?

Gain Weight By Sitting Around Doing Nothing
Via: Daily Mail

Guess Science isn’t always enthralling.

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