10 Cool Makeup Hacks and Tricks for a Summer Proof Look

Can’t say NO to that pool party with friends, or beach date with your crush or your best friend’s invite to her wedding? You don’t have to skip the fun just because it’s hot outside and the hot weather can ruin your makeup. It’s time to swear by makeup hacks and tricks for a summer-proof glow and head out with full confidence.

Makeup Hacks and Tricks for Sweat-Proof Look in Summer 

Hack 1- Keep the Base Clean


No matter how many times you wash your face, it’s not enough in summer. Your face needs to be clean 100% before you put the products on it. That is because the hot weather builds up oil on your face leaving it not suitable for makeup. So, do not avoid this first and foremost step at any cost, or else be ready for the running makeup.

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Hack 2- Get an SPF Moisturizer

makeup hacks and tricks

If you use sunscreen that’s good but also gets moisture with SPF 30 because it’s the first product to be applied on the face. So, it must act as a powerful shield for your skin against the sun.

Hack 3- Know the Power of Primer

makeup hacks for summers

Many girls skip prime or don’t even use it and directly apply the foundation. This practice can reduce the effect of foundation on the skin. Primer is important as it makes the skin smooth and prepares a base for other products. It also helps the foundation stick evenly to the face. Mattifying primer is best for summers.

Hack 4- Swap Foundation with BB Cream

foundation vs bb cream

Don’t load your face with foundation in summers, instead use mattifying BB cream. It will keep your skin moisturized and is light on the face. However, if your face has uneven skin tone and needs maximum coverage then the foundation is best.

You can switch the regular one with a lightweight and waterproof foundation. Use a powder to protect it from melting and absorb the oil on your face. It’s a must-follow summer makeup tip, don’t ignore it.

Hack 5- Glam up with Cream Blush

makeup hacks

Right blush can change your makeup game but which one is better- powder or cream? The answer depends on what kind of skin you have- if it’s dry, use cream blush otherwise former one.

However, in summers only cream blush is best for you as it hydrates the skin and offers a natural, rich, and velvety appearance it. Cream blush also doesn’t melt away, unlike powder blush.

Hack 6- Try a Lip Primer

lip primer

Do not neglect your lips during summers as they also undergo wear and tear due to hot weather. Using lip balm or lip primer is the best to protect them from the harsh sun.

Hack 7- Set with Spray

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Give the final touch to your makeup with a setting spray. It boosts the life of your makeup and also prevents it from smudging and fading. But don’t overdo it as setting spray contains water and alcohol that can ruin your makeup. Spray it in X, T motion away from the face at least 4-5 times.

Hack 8-  Get Some Blotting Sheets

blotting sheets for face

Do not step outside with makeup on your face without some blotting sheets. These sheets will help you deal with excess oil that comes on your face due to the sun or your skin type. Do not worry; your makeup will not get ruined by the use of bottling sheets.

Hack 9- Use Bronzer

makeup hacks and tricks

A bronzer might not be in everyone’s makeup kit but it is the right product to add to your summer skincare routine. Bronzer highlights the sun-hit points like cheekbones, nose, and forehead. This just changes the entire look and gives you a glowing look.

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Hack 10-  Waterproof Your Look

makeup hacks and tricks

Waterproof makeup products are best friends in summer to hit the swimming pool or beach party without any fear. So, whether it’s mascara, foundation, lipstick, or eyeliner; get everything waterproof.

You don’t have to ditch makeup during summers, these makeup hacks and tricks are all you need.


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