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Who is Lalit Modi- Sushmita Sen’s 56-Year-Old Alleged Boyfriend?

Everyone wants to know who is Lalit Modi ever since this guy posted a romantic post with Sushmita Sen on Instagram.

He mentioned Sushmita as his ‘ better-looking partner’ with whom he is planning to start a new life. Their cozy photos are now surprising everyone including Sushmita’s brother too.


Another tweet is going viral after news of Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi dating started surfacing.

Sushmita did not mention dating Mr. Modi but the recent post hints they might be. We have to wait for confirmation from the actress.

Meanwhile let’s learn about the new boyfriend of Sushmita Sen, what does he do, and controversies around him.

Who is Lalit Modi?

lalit modi

Lalit Modi is a 56-years old businessman with a strong connection to the cricket industry. He is the pioneer of IPL and started the league in 2008.

Mr. Modi was also the chairman of IPL for three years. He was also the former President of Rajasthan Cricket Association from 2005 to 2009.

Lalit also served as Vice President of Punjab Cricket Association concurrently being on the post of RCA’s President.

He was vice president of BCCI in 2005 and during his tenure the revenue of cricket board touched one billion.

Before entering the cricket world, Modi started a Modi Entertainment Networks to bring Disney and Fashion TV to India.  For this, his company collaborated with Walt Disney Pictures.

His company also made a contract of 10 years with ESPN to broadcast the popular sport channel. But the contract did not work well and he lost both ESPN and Fashion TV.

The next business was online lottery that he begun in 2002. It was a Kerala based company named Sixo.

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Early Life of Lalit Modi, His Wife and Children

lalit modi wife

He was born to a family of businessmen in 1963 and his grandfather was the founder of Modi Group.

Under his father’s leadership, the business bloom and later he joined the business after coming from US.

Modi got married to Minal Sagrani in 1991 and has 2 children with her. But his family was against the marriage initially as Minal was older than him and also a divorcee.

She was also a mother of one child before getting married to Modi. The couple has 2 children- Ruchir and Aliya Modi.

Lalit Modi’s wife died in 2018 after battling cancer for 18 years.

Controversies Around Lalit Modi

lalit modi controversy

1. Cocaine and Conspiracy

Lalit’s life was full of controversies since the beginning. During his college days, he was arrested for cocaine trafficking, assaulting, kidnapping, and conspiracy.

He was in U.S then for studying engineering and business.

The Durham County Court had put him behind the bars and sent him for probation of 5 years. But he got permission to return India citing poor health.

2. Stopped an IAS officer to Watch a Match

Modi was getting powerful in Rajasthan due to his close relation with Vasundhara Raje.

Soon he became the super chief minister with a strong impact over civil servants and ministers.

Once, he stopped an IAS officer and an IPS officer to enter Sawai Mansingh Stadium to watch a match. He even tore the tickets to stop them.

And in a second incident, he slapped a constable in the same stadium.

But his rule did not last and he faced interrogations and FIRs against him after Raje lost the power.

3. Kochi Tuskers Kerala Controversy

lalit modi controversy

In 2010, Shashi Tharoor was accused of taking bribery from investors of RSW in acquiring Kochi Tuskers Kerala Franchise.

He was supporting the companies involved in the bid. But, Tharoor denied of any allegations and said he had no stake in the franchise.

However, his wife Sunanada Pushkar was one of the holders of sweat equity for which Modi alleged it was a gift to her.

Shashi Tharoor asked him not to probe into this and keep the identities of holders private.

But, Modi revealed the name of holders going against the agreement between BCCI and RSW. This incident led Tharoor to resign from his post of External Affairs Minister.

4. Allegations From BCCI

BCCI made more than 20 allegations on Lalit Modi for money laundering, fraud bidding, helping his family and friends to get contracts and win bid for franchises, etc.

All these allegations led to his suspension. He was later found guilty of 8 allegations in 2013.

5. Investigations by ED

Enforcement Directorate also led investigations on Lalit Modi for violating FEMA( Foreign Exchange Management). He made several illegal deals in IPL 2008 and 2009.

Modi denied all the allegations against him and flee India. He never made a return saying his life is in danger. He also claimed that Dawood and his gang is after him.


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