What’s With The Face? Twitter Boils Over Bhumi’s ‘Fake Dusky’ Skin Tone In Bala!

Almost everything becomes contentious nowadays despite having low significance! Talking about the fresh case of the portrayal of Bhumi Pednekar’s ‘Fake Dusky’ skin tone in Bala trailer!

Bala trailer released and got us all thrilled over Ayushman’s portrayal of a rather unaddressed issue of male pattern baldness.

Via: YouTube

So apparently Twitter has lost its shit over, first, why a rather fair-skinned actor was chosen for the ‘Brown-Skin’ role, and second, why that make-up is so shitty!

Via: Bala-trailer

Although we do agree to the fact that the make-up artist really ruined the make-believe tan. Dusky people do NOT look anywhere near that, but is it really worth debating over?
I mean, has Bollywood instinctively acted on prevailed prejudices like this for the first time?
Think about it!

Anyway, here’s what Twitter had to say:

FYI, Bala and Ujda Chaman, another comedy flick addressing the same issue and with a lot of similarities in the stories are going for a face-off, having just a day’s gap between their release!

Gonna be a tough choice for the audience eh?

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