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What Is Coronavirus? Know Its Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

The news of rapidly spreading Coronavirus is taking all rounds. The disease has affected many people across the world. The percentage of affected people through this virus has increased up to 60% overnight.

Experts have alerted people the people as the number of death have been reported to be now around 100 people. In China, around 106 people died due to this virus as the number is just increasing day by day.

Chinese Scientists
Via: The New York Times

A 9-year old girl from Beijing has reported being the youngest victim of Coronavirus. The Chinese government has marked Wuhan, a city in China as the epicentre of this virus.

What Is Coronavirus?

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Coronavirus is a family of viruses that can affect your body in various forms. They can give you severe throat infection, cold or sinus issues. The virus has been named after the shape it acquires. The various forms the shape of the crown with protrusions around and hence scientists named it coronavirus.

What Is The Recent Outbreak Of This Virus?

The Chinese authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) is finding out the possible reason for this sudden outbreak.

Steps Taken By Chinese Government

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Checking at the airport has been made strict. Passengers at the airport need to get checked for the coronavirus before they enter any flight. The authorities have dismissed all the flights that connect with the urban network. The people migrating at different places across the country is affecting more people and hence this step is taken.


Coronavirus symptoms
Via: The Sun

You can keep a watch on yourself and be safe from this deadly virus. If you are having these symptoms then get yourself checked before it’s too late.

  • Runny Nose
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Sore Throat
  • Tiredness or fatigue

How To Stay Safe?

Via: Business Insider
  • Wear masks and gloves whenever you move out. If you are in a metro or subway keep your mask on your face and gloves in hand.
  • Don’t touch your face or eyes after making a handshake with anyone. Keep sanitizing your hands.
  • Wash your gloves properly.
  • Keep your towels and gloves damp as the dampness will prevent the virus from attacking your garments.
  • Keep changing towels in your kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Do not share your utensils. Keep separate spoons or chopsticks for everyone.
  • If you feel unwell visit doctor as early as possible and get a check-up done.

Follow these measures until the epidemic is over. Take precautions and stay safe!

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