“What Has He Done Now?” Ganguly Responded On A Question About Shastri And We Think The ‘War’ Has Begun Already!

“Ye Toh Hona Hi Tha!”

Not even a week has passed since Sourav Ganguly became BCCI President and he’s already stirring news. Relax Dada, don’t hurry! *Wink*
So, Sourav Ganguly, a man of action who doesn’t believe in sugar-coating his words has made it clear that no one will be spared.

Started by giving our very own ‘King Kohli’ a piece of his mind, Dada is building his dominance gradually.

Well, that was called for, to be true and rather left a good impact, but the recent charade of his will leave you split in laughter!

So Dada was asked a general question about Ravi Shashtri and he retorted quickly,

“What has he done now?”

Damn, we feel you, Dada, we totally do!

Backing you up on the kind of history they have, I wouldn’t call it ‘bad-blood’ knowing Dada, but then I would call it ‘bad-blood’ knowing Shashtri!
So back in 2016 when Indian Team was looking for a new coach, Shashtri fussed over for not being chosen over Kumble and poured his frustration on Ganguly saying it was ‘disrespectful’ of him to be late to the meeting. To which Dada had subtly called him for living in ‘fool’s-paradise’

Via: NDTV Sports

And remind you, this was when Dada held no position at BCCI!
Now he is ‘The Boss’ and we could only imagine (read dream) what the future holds for Shashtri! *Wink*

And this is just the beginning, we’re super excited to see what will happen next! We got one thing to say though,

“Bas, Isi Bat Ka Toh Hume Dar (read Khushi) Tha!”

Anyway, we met Shashtri’s supplier on the road the other day, he was searching for a new customer!

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