Bo Peep is back with a new and enhancedd avatar in Toy Story 4’s Teaser

The producers of ‘Toy Story’ on Monday dropped the new look of the latest installment of the film, and it features Woody’s leading lady, Bo Peep in a new and improved avatar.
In the latest review in the film, Bo Peep has removed her pink and white polka dot dress for a wonderful blue jumpsuit and purple cape.

While she was one of the vital characters in the first two series of the movie, Bo Peep was conspicuously absent from ‘Toy Story 3.’ Her exact whereabouts weren’t displayed in the film.


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So how did she join with the gang?

Well, last time we saw the toy grou[p they had found a fresh home with Bonnie, who was granted the toys before Andy left for college in the last scene of ‘Toy Story 3.’

In their current home Woody, Buzz found some other toy friends including Forky, a makeshift toy that was properly a spork and is persuaded that it does not belong to the world of toys.

As per E online, the plot of the film takes an interesting turn when Bonnie takes her toys on a road trip. At this point, Woody decides to pick up a detour and through strange circumstances, is reunites with Bo, the love of his life.

Woody further observes that she’s not the same toy he once knew. After all these years of living on her own, away from her group of friends, Bo has now built up a bold streak and lives her life fearlessly on the open road.


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Well, it seems like her struggles on the open road worked for her as she is back with a bang.

Annie Potts has returned to lend her voice for Bo’s character.

The movie is Produced by Mark Nielsen and Jonas Rivera, the animated film is set up to release in June 2019.

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