This Rose Day Hand Craft Your Love With DIY Rose Bouquet

” Love planted a rose, and the world turned sweet.” That’s true! Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love, planted the beautiful red rose with her tears. Since then it became a symbol of love and used to reflect feelings. It is believed that, Darker the petals, Deepest are the feelings! And no day can be best than Rose day to express, but carrying the flower incorrectly can bring bad luck.

Yes, According to the world-renowned gardener Stephen Scanniello one should never hold a red rose bouquet in left hand. Moreover, there is a popular belief that mixing red and white roses attracts death. Oops!

Then you might opt for other shades of love like yellow, bright orange, coral pink, burgundy, lavender, or deep purple. But, each flower is associated with strange beliefs. Though they can be myth but why to take risk, so this Valentine think something out of the box, opt for a DIY rose bouquet instead.

Capture the romantic moment forever with hand-crafted love and the best part is you can create unusual roses like black, green, and blue which are hard to find.

So, here’s your ultimate guide for DIY rose bouquet.

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Keep It Simple With Paper Rose 

Craft papers are great to create long-lasting gifts but only when they are handled well. There are ample varieties available as well such as crepe paper, origami, tissue, and washi papers. Origami and Washi are best as they are manufactured for the purpose of craft, card making, and gift wrapping.

So, get some washi or origami papers of your choice and follow this quick tutorial:

Add Pattern With Ribbon Roses

Satin, taffeta, twill, silk, metallic, zari, and so on… choices are endless in ribbons as well. Shimmery, acetate and satin are most suitable as you can easily fold them and give bright appearance as well. Pick red, orange, or pink ribbons to hand-craft the roses.

Spray rose perfume to add similar fragrance to these artificial flowers.

Sew With Fabric 

If you are not getting any craft material, don’t go farther then your wardrobe. Pick the old dinning cloth or leftover fabric scraps, turn them into rose in different designs, add pearls, and metallic embellishment, the DIY rose bouquet is ready.

Satin, chiffon, and silk are best option to sew fabric roses. Apart from fabric and thread, you need a ruler for measuring. Follow the instructions below

Make DIY stem and leaves from leftover fabric, wrap into a bouquet and it’s done.

These hand-crafts will surely take some time but the results would be beautiful and your partner will definitely appreciate your efforts. And a bonus tip for those who can go extra miles for impressing their love, gift them everything that symbolizes love. It could be DIY rose perfumes or candles.


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