This Diwali Illuminate Your Homes With These DIY Ideas

Diwali is very near and we are running to the markets for our last minute shopping. Decorating your house is a very important tradition in Diwali. It looks beautiful to see all the festive vibes around you, the houses are illuminated with various lights.

The market remains flooded with various decorative items that you shop. People try to give a makeover to their house by trying new home decors.

You can choose different lights or make your own diyas. DIY diyas are quite a common trend which is being followed by many people.

Let us look at some simple and beautiful DIY ideas that you can make this last moment.

1. Diya With Some Pearls

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You can take a dish and paint it colourfully. Decorate as it beautiful as you can. Spread some pearls around in the manner shown in the picture. This DIY is simple and in fewer efforts you can get a good masterpiece for Diwali.

2. Reuse Old Jars

Diya ideas
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You might be having some old jars that your mother must have saved. You can use those glass jars and use some silver chains. The picture depicts the way you need to place them. Inside you can put fairy lights or candles whatever you want. This DIY looks really stunning and innovative.

3. Plastic Spoons For Candle Holder

Spoon Lotus
Via: My Crafts

We need the tip of the spoons that can be joined together. Then you can rest it on a stick holding it like a flo9wer as shown in the picture. Inside that, you can put a candle and light it. The spoons can be coloured golden which will add a metallic touch to it.

4. Use Old Cups

Old Cup Candle
Via: Pinterest

Old beautiful designer cups which you no longer use can also be used in your DIY. Use those cups by setting the wax and putting a lid. This is an affordable and good option to make your Diwali brighter.

5. Quilled Candle Holder

Quilling Candle
Via: Psychology Origami

Paper quilling is a cheap, attractive and eco-friendly way to make Diwali candle holders. Various shapes, sizes and colours of quilling can be used to make designs. For the base, you can use any old CD that will give good support to your candle holder.

6. Fairy Lights

Via: Interiors Info 

Fairy Lights looks amazing as they are delicate, shiny and bright. They come in various colours and you can choose which one you want. In this picture, a string circular base is used which you can easily find at your home. Just drop the fairy lights in a random manner from the edges. They will give a lavish and elegant look to your corner.

These were some last-minute ideas you can do for your Diwali which will make your home look shinier and attractive.


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