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Things That Indian Women Are Tired Of Hearing!

Things That Indian Women Are Tired Of Hearing!

Being an Indian woman is hard! Apart from dealing with daily stereotypes you are expected to act in a way that society finds acceptable.

From childhood to adulthood we are taught to speak in a certain way, sit like a girl and even teach us that topics like sex and menstruation are taboo.

So, here are few things Indian women are tired of hearing and we would seriously like if the society shuts up!

You are 25, what do you mean you don’t want to settle

Via: Be Yourself

Well, what we mean is that “We Don’t Want To Settle”. Indian parents and relatives have an age barrier by which they expect a woman to get married because there will be no good guys left for her. They expect us to marry a stranger and settle down, because aIl our educational degrees were for finding a perfect husband, right? *Slow claps*

Why are you so irritated? Is that time of the month again?

Via: ScoopWhoop

Every time an Indian woman reacts to a man’s bullsh*t, the man instead of apologizing thinks that PMS is the reason for the reaction, not his actions. For your information, that time of the month doesn’t last the entire month guys! *Take notes*

S*x what’s that

Via: Life Hacks 20 Signs A Guy Likes You But is Trying Not to Show it

The angels gave the baby you to your parents or they got you from the hospital. Indian society thinks that talking about sex is taboo and the only kind of sex education you will get is to never touch a guy to prevent getting pregnant until you get married because then you are expected to sleep with a stranger on your honeymoon.

Crop tops and short skirts make you Unsanskaari


Via: Blog – Mirraw

Short clothes and Indian aunties are rivals from the start of this universe. According to them, the type of clothes you wear determines your level of “Sanskaar”. The distance between your crop top and your jeans is frowned upon whereas a saree can earn you brownie points and even a good husband!

You’re a housewife, how can you be tired?

Via: Pinterest

If you are a homemaker then you get this a lot! People think that homemaking is an easy job, but let me clear the air. It’s a full 24 hours job and if you don’t think it requires efforts, try living a week without your mother.

You should have kids, we want to see our grandkids before we die

Via: FirstCry Parenting

Okay, from being forced to do an arranged marriage to having kids the society’s expectations from a woman never cease to end.

Having a kid isn’t your choice when your parents and in-laws keep nagging you to have one because suddenly it’s everything they can think about.

Are you one of those feminist types?

Via: MensXP.com

If a guy says this on a date, I suggest you to “RUN”! Every time a woman expresses her opinion or Calls out men on sexist jokes, they always respond with this phrase. FYI expressing one’s opinion or standing up for oneself doesn’t make us feminists.

If you’re an Indian woman who is tired of hearing these things, don’t lose hope! We women stand united against anything that brings us down.

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