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Your Favorite Cartoons T.V. Shows With Shocking Endings!

We all used to watch so many cartoons shows growing up, some of us even watch them as grownups. Shows like Tom and Jerry, Shin Chan, Oswald always send us back to the memories of our summer vacations!

But as much as we remember the characters from these shows, not many of us know about the ending?

Well, you will be surprised to know that not all the shows we watched had a happy ending.

Here are some shocking endings of your favourite cartoon t.v. shows.

1. Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry
Via: Wallpaper Cave

Who don’t remember Tom and Jerry, it’s one of the most popular cartoons of the 90s and we all loved to watch the chase game. But, did you ever think about the end of this chase?

The ending of this series is controversial as the last episode was “Tot watchers” which is just like any other episode but as the show does not run in a linear motion people believe that the ending episode is “Blue Cat Blue” which is the saddest episode ever recorded. In this, both Tom and Jerry rejected by their love interests decided to commit suicide. This episode was only aired once in the cartoon Network South East Asia.

2. Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb
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We all loved this show and wished to spend our summer with Phineas and Ferb in their backyard, having new adventures. The T.v. the show ends with an episode named “The last day of summer” in which they talk about the memories they made in the entire summer. But, do you know about the real-life ending of this show? Candace was a girl who had schizophrenia and was on high medication. She had two mentally retarded brothers whom she imagined as kids who invited these machines. She recorded her observations in the diary on which the show was made. Pretty sad, right? *Sobs*

3. Doraemon


Via: WallpaperSafari

The cat robot from the future who always helped Nobita, a lazy boy who always complained about his life. We all were fascinated by Doraemon and many of us still remember the title song. The ending of this show is quite beautiful. One day when Nobita arrives home, he finds Doraemon to be not moving. He calls Dorami who tells him that Doraemon’s battery ran out and the only way to resurrect him is by finding a scientist who knows about robots or Doraemon will lose his memory. Nobita made a promise to himself to study hard and marries Shizuka who is impressed by the changed version of him. Nobita becomes a great scientist and finally repairs Doraemon finding out that he was the one who created him in the first place.

4. Courage- the cowardly dog

Via: Supertab Themes

This show was our childhood version of horror films as we all felt as scared as courage while facing the monsters alongside him. The last episode is titled “Remembrance of Courage Past / Perfect”. In this episode, courage finds out about his past life. His parents were sent to another planet by an evil vet who tried to send Muriel and Eustace to that planet. Courage finally gets them freed and defeats the evil vet and send him off to the planet. The vet is later attacked by courage’s parents and all the other dogs on that planet. *Creepy*

Now, that you know the creepy ends of your favourite childhood shows I bet you’ll see them in a different light!

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