From Po Cha To Pink Tea, These Bizzare Tea Concoctions Will Make You Go Experimental With Tea

Hardly there is anyone in the world who will say ‘NO’ to a cup of tea. It’s like a stress buster, a quick remedy to headache, mood lifter, and witness of both good and bad days  (mostly bad). So, a day never ends without a tea especially in the life of tea lovers. Isn’t it?

Tea is a forever LOVE and this love comes in thousand different flavors. Haven’t experimented with tea yet? We will recommend you to try these unique tea concoctions that are popular all over the globe.

Strange Tea Recipes Around The World That Will Make You Forget The Real Taste Of Tea

Teh Tarik- Malaysia’s Signature Brew

Teh Tarik
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You might be thinking it must have some special ingredient that is why it’s called signature brew of Malaysia. But, the recipe is same as in any other part of the world however the method of preparation differs.

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The tea is continuously pulled back and forth from the tea vessel to the serving cup. This is called pulling which gives a frothy consistency to the brew as well as let the heat escapes. The tea is also called pulled tea.

It takes a serious skill to pull the tea as the process can give you some burns because it’s done just after the tea gets prepared.

The Pink Tea- Specialty Of India

noon chai
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Tea not only comes in different flavor but also in unique color like black, green, white, and yellow. But, have you ever tasted pink tea? If not then you should because this unique tea concoction is specialty of India.

It’s Kashmir’s Noon Chai which is pink in color that because of the unique ingredients that goes into it. It is prepared with salt, milk, spices, pistachios, and baking soda along with tea powder.

And the best way to enjoy Noon Chai is to have a sip with delicious Kashmiri pastries. So, if you ever go to Kashmir then must try Noon Chai.

Matcha- An Age-Old Tradition

Matcha green tea
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At first, you might feel that it’s a medical concoction because matcha not at all looks like classic tea. But, for Japanese, matcha is a everyday beverage even more than just a beverage because it’s a part of Japan’s tradition. Once popular among Buddhist monks and Samurai, matcha is now worldwide famous because of it’s health-promoting nutrients.

Matcha is made from soft tea leaves that are not roasted or dried. It goes fresh in the tea and provides following health-benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Lower down the risk of Type-2 diabetes
  • Improves functioning of the brain
  • Good for weight loss as it burns more fat than other tea concoctions
  • Uplift mood and energy

What’s more surprising about matcha is that it’s not just a tea ingredient but also goes in noodles, ice cream, and even kit kat.

Sweet And Savory ‘Cheese Tea’

cheese tea
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Do you love cheese? Even though you do but you would not ever try to mix cheese and tea. But, Taiwanese love this new combination which began in 10 years back and suddenly became worldwide famous.

Wondering how it tastes? Of course cheesy but a bit savory and full of bubbles too as condensed milk goes into it.

If you ever think of trying cheese tea then be ready for a foam mustache after you take a sip as milk and cream add a layer of foam at the top. And don’t expect it to be too sweet as little salt goes into the cheese tea that gives savory flavor.

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Orange Tea Or Juice?

Of course tea but you can also call it as ice tea because it’s mostly served with ice. In Thailand, it’s known as Cha yen which was not even in the history of Thailand cuisine. Yes, it’s true.

thai tea
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Thailand had no tea culture before the Chinese Civil War. It was refugees who brought this culture to the country during the mid-1900s. This is how cha yen born. Cha yen is the Thai name for Tea which has bright orange colour and different versions like sweet-spicy, and ombre tea.

And not just the colour, the serving is unique too as the thai tea is served in a glass filled with ice. Talking about the preparation, thai tea is a blend of orange blossom, sugar, black tea, milk, and lots of spices.

Brick Tea

No, brick powder isn’t use to make this tea. Here’s what goes into it.

butter tea
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It’s original name is Po cha or Butter Tea that is prepared by brick tea(a type of tea powder) which gives it smoky flavor.

It’s the everyday beverage of Tibet because it has warming qualities. Plus, it boosts the energy due to high calorie content. In addition to these, po cha is special for one more reason and that’s yak butter.

Thus, butter tea gives you the benefits like better memory, better digestion, stronger muscles, weight loss, and rev up energy level.

These weird tea recipes confirm that tea doesn’t have to have only sugar, milk, and tea powder. You can experiment with different ingredients and make your unique tea concoction. So, what’s your unique tea recipe?



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