7 Coffee Fixings To Spice Your Morning Brew

Nothing is better than starting a day with the perfect cup of coffee. When it comes to your morning coffee, you may have followed a daily ritual. But you don’t have to be bounded as there plenty of ways to spice up your morning brew!

Be experimental and find what you want to add to your energy-boosting cup of coffee. With just a few ingredients that are already present at your home, you can make your morning coffee enjoyable.

Let’s look at a few amazing ways to spice your morning coffee.


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Wondering for a healthy and tasty substitute for sugar? If yes, then honey is the right choice for you. It is full-chocked with energy and sweetness. Moreover, honey is the main ingredient of the Spanish latte.


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Are you a person that’s love something extra in everything? Well, condensed milk will make a great choice for you. It gives a boost to morning cuppa brew and considered to be a great alternative to sugar.

Hazelnut Flavored Syrups Or Vanilla:

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Do you know those cold coffees and flavoured lattes that you drink at café and coffee shops? Those are prepared from food syrups. There is a wide variety of cocktail and mocktail blends available in the market. However, vanilla or hazelnuts are the great ones for coffee.

A spoonful of hazelnut or vanilla into your morning brew will definitely make your day.

Coffee Matte Creamer:

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Well, coffee matter creamer is also known as milk powder. While it comes under the category of dairy products, it’s the best option to keep with you during travelling or if you don’t want to add milk in your cuppa coffee.

Make regular black coffee and add one or two spoons of milk powder to it.

Coconut Oil:

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Wanna your morning brew to power through evening brew? A spoonful of coconut oil into your cuppa coffee will add a healthy and tasty amount of fat into your brew.
Along with this, coconut oil power you through morning and lunch. That’s why they are known as bulletproof coffee.

Chocolate Syrup Or Cocoa Powder:

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Is mocha coffee your favorite? All you need are cocoa powder, chocolate sprinkles, or chocolate syrup. Just add chocolate sprinkles and cocoa powder to your regular black coffee while it’s hot. Then use a whisker or hand blender to whisk a coffee.


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Are you a fan of the heady, spicy aroma of cinnamon? Add a pinch of this spice to your coffee. You will definitely like this flavorful coffee.

Bet after reading this article, you are craving a cuppa coffee now! Which one of these do you try first?

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