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The Whistleblower Review: Ravi Kishan And Ritwik Impress Audience In Manoj Pillai’s Directed Series

Another scam series is here, ‘The Whistleblower’ directed by Manoj Pillai is unfolding reality not in a harsh way. Season 1 of the nine-episode series is out on the SonyLiv Platform on 16th December. It features Bhojpuri star Ravi Kishan, Ritwik Bhowmik in the lead role, Ankita Sharma, Sonali Kulkarni, and more.

The Whistleblower Review: A Filthy Scam Inspired By The Real Life Event
the whistleblower review

Set in the background of Bhopal city, the series will remind you of the famous Vyapam scam as well. But it cannot be said completely that the series is made on the event. It starts with Ritwik who is in the role of Dr. Sanket Bhadoria.

He is rich and a spoiled son. His father Dr. Ashwin Bhadoria owns a hospital where Sanket starts an internship. Everything is relatable so far. A young boy is about to enter the most honored profession but this doesn’t go smoothly.

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Sanket doesn’t care about it and engages in celebration with friends, drugs, and also cheats his girlfriend. The twist comes in the story when Ravi Kishan joins in the Whistleblower. He is playing the role of Jairaj who is worst for bad and good for good.

He runs coaching that trains medical students for entrance exams. Unaware of the real business happening behind the coaching, Sanket joins and discovers something that is a hard hit reality. Jairaj cheats student, takes heavy fees from them, and promise them to get good scores in PMT.

Sanket turns a proxy for these students on Jairaj’s guidance but he is not the only one here. His friends are also involved in it who later suggests Sanket quit. What will happen next? Who is the whistleblower in the series? To know, you must watch it.

The Whistleblower Trailer

Coming to the performances, Ritwik serves a brilliant performance, and Ravi Kishan as Jairaj goes deeply in his role. Ashish Verma and gives an impressive performance too. The only warning is about the dialogues which are too filthy sometimes.

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The Whistleblower Review By Fans 

The series is streaming live on SonyLive.

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