21 Best One Word Tattoos That Suits Your Personality

Get inked these beautiful, raw, and real tattoos that are minimalistic yet very impactful.

meaningful tattoos

21 Best One Word Tattoos That Suits Your Personality! Getting inked an inspirational saying or quote never loses its charm and popularity, one-word tattoos are also one of the timeless tattoo trends.

If you want something short, simple and elegant, having a memorable moment in your life or having some personal interest means that there is a lot for you forever, and these one-word tattoo designs are for you!

Additionally, it’s important to remember to find the right one-word that can be any language other than English. Although it helps to know what your tattoo means before you get it inked, you can choose a word in a foreign language and let it does the work of defining your personality in a wondrous way!

So if you are looking for a word tattoo inspo (inspiration), seek some that would help you:

1. A feel alive soul!

alive tattoo
Via: Pinterest

2. A Warrior is one who never gives up.

warrior tattoo
Via: wordpress.com

3. Hope is what we all have! And what could be better than living life with a hope?

hope tattoo
Via: Pinterest

4. Saving oneself or others.

save yourself or others tattoo
Via: Pinterest

5. For the courage and bravery, one has.

courage tattoo
Via: Pinterest

6. The soul of a traveler.

traveler tattoo
Via: Pinterest

7. For the soul food.

food lover tattoo
Via: Pinterest

8. To seek and to become.

seek tattoo
Via: Pinterest

9. Everyone is here with a purpose, right? So, this is for the purposeful one.

purpose tattoo
Via: Pinterest

10. Amen!

Amen tattoo
Via: Pinterest

11. Fly for your dreams and fly high to chase them!

fly tattoo
Via: Pinterest

12. Girl Power says it all!

girl power tattoo
Via: Pinterest

13. Never feel low as Embrace and Endure what you have, while you have it.

embrace and endure tattoo
Via: Pinterest

14. Have that strength to say toodles to storms.

strength tattoo
Via: Pinterest

15. The one for brave hearts and conquerors.

brave tattoo
Via: Pinterest

16. To the fearless soul.

fearless tattoo
Via: Pinterest

17. A Family is Everything and Everything is Family.

family tattoo
Via: Pinterest

18. For skin made of bones of stars and stardust.

made of stardust tattoo

Via: Pinterest

19. To be pleased and the charm you cast.

enchanted tattoo
Via: Pinterest

20. Beam yourself with joy, laughter, and pride.

beam tattoo
Via: Pinterest

21. It’s always is now or never.

now or never tattoo
Via: Pinterest

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