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Shocking Beauty Secrets Of The Most Beautiful Women In History!

We all love compliments and the world around us is focused on external beauty. We see so many advertisements for different beauty products every day claiming to transform us completely, what if I tell you that the most beautiful women in history instead of using these regular products had really strange ways to look beautiful.

From downright absurd to even deadly here are some shocking Beauty secrets of the most beautiful women in history:


Via: History.com

Ancient Egyptians paid a lot of attention to their looks and Queen Nefertiti whose name means “The beautiful one has come” was particularly a big fan of Kohl. Unfortunately, the Kohl back then was made of heavy metals like lead which accumulated in her body and later became the reason for her death. Shocking right? Who could have suspected a makeup product to be the killer!


Via: Wikimedia Commons

Queen Elizabeth l used ceruse which is a mixture of lead and vinegar to achieve the flawless porcelain skin that was considered as the highest beauty standard in her time. The lead in this mixture slowly got absorbed in her body through years of usage and made her skin deteriorate. As her skin deteriorated she used more makeup to cover it up hence it is possible that this led to her death as she was experiencing the symptoms of lead poisoning.

Mercury Makeup Remover And Lipstick

Via: Daily Mail

The fact that Mercury is a toxic metal was not known in the past. Queen Elizabeth, I used this mixture made of Mercury to remove her makeup which peeled of her skin. She along with this used lipstick made of cinnabar which contains Mercury which also got absorbed by her tongue and hence, made her health worse. So much for beauty!

Leeches And Human Urine

Via: We Heart It

Simonetta Vespucci the most beautiful woman of her time in Italy has a strange beauty regimen. She used leeches to suck the blood from her face for that pale look. A lot of women who wanted to look like her used arsenic facemasks and even human urine to make their hair blonde.

Imagine how badly they wanted to look like her that they voluntarily washed their hair with their urine!

Aqua Tofana

Aqua Tofana
Via: Medium Meet The Woman Who Poisoned Makeup To Help Over 600 Women Murder …

This one here is more of a poison made by Giulia Tofana to help women kill their husbands! And the surprising fact is that it was disguised as a beauty product. It contained arsenic and was odourless, tasteless and colourless. It was very popular at that time and was marketed as a healing oil. Just three to four drops of this oil mixed with any liquid were enough to kill any person. So, the beautiful woman didn’t use this beauty product on herself, but on innocent men.

Tapeworm Pills

Via: The Independent

In the Victorian era, women did anything to stay sticky thin and fragile, even if that included ingesting tapeworm eggs. The tapeworm grew inside their body eating the ingested food and the women lost weight without dieting. But, since there were no ways to get that tapeworm out of the body people used devices that choked them to death. Shockingly, this practice still exists!

No matter how absurd these practices were, women never hesitated to try them. Would you ever go this far only for external beauty?

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