Having A Bad Day? Remind Yourself Of These Simple Pleasures Life Has To Offer!

Life is full of so many beautiful moments. But there are days when life takes a bad turn and we end up feeling sad and disappointed.

If you think life is not treating you nicely, then remind yourself of these simple pleasures life offers you every day.

After all, true happiness lies in small things, right?

The First Sip Of Morning Tea Or Coffee

Via: The Economic Times

Do you know what happiness feels like? It’s that first sip of your freshly brewed coffee or the fresh aroma of your Kadak ginger tea. When you take that first sip in that relaxed state free of worries, you enter your state of bliss.

Finding Money In Your Clothes

Via: The Billfold Who Among Us Finds Money In Their (Literal) Pocket? – The Billfold

Ever found money in your clothes, when it’s the month-end and you are running a little low on cash? You consider yourself the luckiest human alive right? This type of happiness is incomparable as it’s a gift from your past self to you.

Your Favourite Song Playing On The Radio

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There is something magical about our favourite songs which lightens our bad mood. If you are lucky enough, you may find your favourite song playing on the radio on a Monday morning and you will end up singing along dodging those Monday blues.

The First Rain

Via: Miss Kyra

First rains have so much happiness to offer! Getting wet in the first rain, floating paper boats in the puddles, the smell of wet soil, listening to the peaceful sound of the rain falling and the cold breeze beating the scorching summer heat each one of these experiences is peaceful in their way.

The Sky Changing Colours

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One of the most beautiful experiences you will ever have is the sky Changing its colours from yellow to crimson reds. Yes, I’m talking about sunrise and sunsets. And if you want more peace than look at the night sky full of stars. For a while, you’ll forget about all your troubles.

A Handwritten Note

Love notes
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A handwritten note or letter from a loved one can make any day change from worst to best. After all the feeling that someone cared enough to write all their emotions in a letter for you is beautiful and you will feel pampered and special after reading it.

Random Compliments

Via: Beyond Ages The 10 Best Compliments To Give a Girl That Work

Imagine you are having a bad day, but a stranger on your way back home compliments you. You feel happy right? Suddenly, you have something positive to think about. That’s the power of random compliments.

We all love them, especially when we get them when we least expect them.

A Hot Shower After A Tiring Day

Nice Shower
Via: Sanctum Bristol

After a tiring and stressful day, we all know that a hot shower feels like heaven. You become destressed and you never want to come out!

Hot showers are relaxing and sometimes the best places to think about the problems and make life-changing decisions.

Cuddling With Your Loved One

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Something is comforting about cuddling with your loved one as you feel safe in their arms. You know no stress can reach you as you are finally where you belong.

Seeing Your Old Photo Album

Via: TwistedSifter Portraits of People Seeing Their Younger Self in a Mirror …

Seeing your old childhood pictures and family albums take you back in time when life was simpler. Seeing your own younger self growing not only physically but emotionally leaves you full of hope and happiness.

There are so many pleasures that life offers you every day, all you need to do is let that positivity in!

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