Sardar Udham Singh Review: Vicky Kaushal Sets The Bar High For Biopic Makers

Sardar Udham Singh Review: The horror of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre is known to everyone but very few know the man who took revenge for this massive genocide. Shoojit Sircar will let you dig deeper into how he killed General Dyer with Vicky Kaushal playing as Udham Singh.

All the scars, pain, emotions, and painful plead for help by protestors will start echoing in your head after watching it.

Review Of Vicky Kaushal’s New Movie Sardar Udham Singh

sardar udham singh review

The movie began with some known facts about the massacre but, what happened after that night? Nobody knows because it was never presented on screen. Sardar Udham Singh comes here as the only freedom fighter who cared about those dead bodies. Everyone screamed in pain but the voice only etched deeper on his heart and mind.

He took the longest route to kill the murderer of innocent protestors. From India to London, 1919 to 1940, what, why, and how? Shoojit answered all in a sequenced manner with powerful and meaningful dialogues which will make the audience ask worthy questions like- Why was Dwyer not charged for murder.

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On the other hand, Vicky Kaushal as Sardar Udham Singh played the role with utmost sincerity and decency to not over highlight his patriotic zeal. He dived into the character to express his emotions and theory of being a revolutionary. How he began his journey of assassination and what made him took 21 years for that.

sardar udham singh review

Later he was arrested and sentenced to death. His ideologies and perception about death are also shown in the movie. Director also highlighted the angle of Bhagat Singh and his role in the life of Udham Singh. Even though he was fighting for the country’s freedom, why he is an unsung hero of the nation. The movie discloses everything.

Talking about Vicky Kaushal, the actor has surprised the audience once again. He took us to the mind of Udham and perfectly presented all his unheard words. Director Shoojit Sircar also made justice to the story without forcing it on the audience.

They did not try to make the revenge look more like a battle but as an individual’s battle. The background music is also kept mild not to distract the audience from the rhythm.

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Last Words!

Overall, Sircar tried to present Sardar Udham Singh from his angle rather than from the director’s point of view. Vicky either did not let the audience completely forget the character who simply want reach to his motive.

Watch The Full Trailer Here 

 The movie was released on Amazon Prime Video on 16th October.

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