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Rajpal Yadav Speaks About His First Wife : “I was supposed to meet her next day”

Rajpal Yadav opened up about a tragedy in his life that occurred when he was 20 years old. He also spoke on the equation he shares with his second wife Radha.

Rajpal Yadav’s comedic roles in Bollywood have made him a household name. However, the actor hasn’t talked much about how he dealt with tragedy early in his life. The actor revealed in a recent interview that his first wife passed away when he was just 20 years old.

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Recently, Rajpal Yadav celebrated 25 years in the business. He had previously stated that when he considers his career to date, it is acceptable for him to have never turned down roles due to limited screen time. He talked about how his first wife treated him shortly after his daughter was born in a recent interview.

Rajpal on his first wife’s death

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“Back in the day, if you were a 20-year-old man with a job, people would ask your family to get you married,” Rajpal told The Lallantop. Consequently, my father married me. My first wife just gave birth to a daughter and then passed away. I was carrying her decomposing body on my shoulders when I was supposed to meet her the following day. However, my mother and sister-in-law, are my family.

Rajpal on his second wife Radha

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The actor also discussed his 2003 marriage to Radha Yadav, his second wife, in the same interview. He mentioned how she has always been a huge source of support for him. My wife has never been asked to wear anything or a saree to me. My wife speaks to her mother in the same manner that I do.

Rajpul speaks about his wife’s

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She picked up the language, and when I got to the village one day, I noticed that she was sitting there, covering her face, because women in villages live a certain way. At the point when she visits the town during Holi and Diwali-nobody can check that she knows five languages!

My wife has unconditionally supported me, surpassing my guru and my parents. Radha additionally brought up the little girl I had from my most memorable spouse, as her own

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