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Rahul Dravid Has a Master Plan to Win World Test Championship, What is It

The first edition of the World Test Championship league was played in 2019 and gained huge popularity in the cricket world. Now, it’s one of the most important tournaments.

Last time, India had to face defeat against New Zealand in the final of the Test Championship. And winning the second edition also seems very difficult for our country.

However, the team looks strong in its first test match against Bangladesh. But still, we need to win all the matches in this tournament, which seems very difficult.

So, in a recent press conference, Indian Cricket team coach Rahul Dravid revealed his master plan for getting India into the finals.

Rahul Dravid Revealed His Plan to Win WTC

Rahul Dravid
via: The Print

Rahul Dravid talked about the tough competition and how he and his team going to deal with it. He said “It is one step at a time. I don’t think we can start looking at the sixth one before we start here.”

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“We have got to win this one first. We have to play our best cricket to give ourselves a chance and then go to Dhaka and replicate. Just take it as we go.”

He continued, “We know we have a challenge on our hands, we have to win a majority of the games we have left in the championship.”

“But we are not going to get there if we don’t take the first steps well. We have to focus on this one and then see how the cards fall and then we will see what we have to do in the series against Australia.”

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Australia and South Africa Can Ruin His Plan

Australian team
via: Cricket Australia

In the second edition of the World Test Championship, both Australia and South Africa are giving a tough challenge to India.

India has played 12 matches in this cycle of WTC, from which, the team has only won six, lost four, and two drawn. In this way, India currently has 75 points in its account while its winning percentage is 52.08.

On the other hand, the Australian team has won 8 out of their 12 Tests. They lost only one match while three matches were drawn. Currently, the Australian team is in the top with 108 points and their winning percentage is 75.0.

Apart from this, the South African team has won 6 out of 10 matches and collected 60 points. At the same time, Australia has yet to play a three-Test home series against South Africa.

The result of this series can also affect Rahul Dravid’s plan to win WTC. Because both these teams are at the top of the table.

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