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Opera wants to add AI-based content services to its browsers

The year 2023 came with a boom in the field of artificial intelligence. From the time tech giants such as Microsoft and Google publicised their AI apps, the expansion of Artificial Intelligence is a topic buzzing around.

As per the sources, Opera has connected with the bandwagon and plans to include AI in its web browsers along with content applications. Through this article, you will get to know that opera is including AI-produced content services in its browsers. 


The blog post of Opera

Opera shared a blog post in which it publicised that it is adding AI-produced content services into both its desktop and mobile browsers.

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The firm is also ‘taking measures to grow its current AI programme into AIGC for its browser, news, and gaming products by its solution and fresh along with current collaborations’.


Opera has publicised a new option for its browser’s sidebar. The ‘shorten’ tool, which is completely supported by ChatGPT, can be utilised to produce conclusions of web pages along with articles.

The blog also contains a short demo video that represents how ChatGPT will be added to the browser. 

The words of the CEO


The co-chief executive officer of Opera, Song Lin stated that, “In at least 25 years of the history of the firm, we have always been at the leading edge of the browser revolution.”

He further went on stating that, “what we do is always push the limits of what can be done on the web, if it is by introducing browser tabs or giving the users built-in access to produce AI tools.

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After the extensive interest in productive AI tools, we trust it is high time for browsers to step up and become the entrance to an AI-supported web.”

What did the official said?


We are thrilled and filled with joy to witness the quick launch of developer apps for solutions such as Google Bard, for instance, and are starting to create and launch new experiences related to web browsing that appeared impossible in the recent past,” the head of Strategic Partnerships and AI ecosystem at Opera, Per Wetterdal concluded. 


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