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NIA Raids These Southern States Over Coimbatore and Mangaluru Blast Case!! See Details…

National Investigation Agency (NIA) conducts a raid in Coimbatore and Mayiladuthurai of Tamil Nadu suspecting relations with the Coimbatore car blast case. NIA is primarily suspecting that the blasts had direct relations with terrorist organizations. These terrorist activities have raised concerns as these threats to create fear of harm among the people. NIA raid is conducted to find the prime suspect in this case.

NIA Raid

The raid is followed by a car blast that happened in Coimbatore last year. Jameesha Mubeen died in the incident when the car blasted in front of the Kottai Eswaran temple. After the incident, the NIA raid is conducted over 40 locations across Karnataka, Kerela, and Tamil Nadu.

The previous year, a raid was conducted by NIA at 43 locations in Tamil Nadu regarding connections with the Coimbatore blast that occurred on 23rd October. NIA raid seized the suspect’s house and collected several impeaching documents and digital devices from them.

Coimbatore Blast Mastermind

NIA raid revealed that Jameesha Mubeen took oath in the Islamic state global terror outfit. After this, he drove a car and planned to explode with explosives and kill several innocents. However, it didn’t work out for him as the incident didn’t kill anyone else than Mubeen. Six people were arrested in the case that police called “Lone Wolf”.

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