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Mary Kom Titled As ‘Asia’s Best Women Athlete’: Proud Moment For India

Indian Boxer Mary Kom has been named the Best Woman Athlete in Asia by the Asian Sportswriters Union (AIPS Asia). It is an honourary moment for India.

Mary Kom is the only woman to have achieved a medal 7 times at the World Championships. Her dedication to taking boxing as a sport further has been rewarded.

Mary Kom
Via: DD News

Korean footballer Son Heung-Min has also been named as the best athlete in the male category.

Heung Min
Via: CBS Sports

Qatar national football squad and japan national football squad have been named as the best men’s and women’s title in the team category.

Qatar men’s football team is the winner of the Asian Cup Title 2019. Whereas Women’s team the winner of 2011 World Cup and runner up for 2015 World Cup.

Asian Games
Via: The Japan Times

The struggle of Mary Kom has led her to many tough paths. Seeing her awarded is a very proud moment for all of us.

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