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Mahashivratri: See Where Lord Shiva Got Married and More Such Interesting Facts About Him!!

Mahashivratri is one of the greatest rituals in India. Lord Shiva, the greatest deity in the Hindu religion is worshiped on this day. This day has a special significance as people believe that Lord Shiva blesses his devotees with well-being and prosperity. It’s also scientifically proven that on this day, the earth tilts so that it receives tremendous energy from outer space. People believe that this energy is released by Lord Shiva.

Shivratri: Significance

Mahashivratri also known as “The Great Night of a Shiva” is one of the most spiritual events in the Indian calendar. The fourteenth day of every lunar month before the new moon is defined as Shivratri. Out of 12 Shivratris in a year, the one falling between February and March has the most prominent significance. At this time of the year, the northern hemisphere of the earth tilts in such a way that the planet receives a natural upsurge of energy that is good for human well-being.

Mahashivratri is celebrated in order to soak the energy released on this day. People worship Lord Shiva all night long to ensure that they remain awake and get the essence of such a divine form of energy.

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Lord Shiva had divine powers as per the suggestion from holy books and scriptures in the Hindu religion. These facts are believed to be true as they were written by the saints that worshipped the Gods for all their lives. The holy books suggest that Lord Shiva was so powerful that even the most powerful villains were terrified of him. Moreover, Lord Shiva was the only deity that was worshipped even by demons.

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Lord Shiva: Marriage Venue

Shiva was known for his rage but very few know that he fell in love with Goddess Parvati. He later got married to the Goddess at Triyuginarayan Temple, located in Sonprayag of Rudraprayag district. Fire in the havan kund from the day of the marriage of Lord Shiva and mother Parvati is still burning. People visit there and take the ashes from the fire as a blessing. Lord Shiva’s devotee shared a video that explains the significance of the place where Lord Shiva got married.

Mahashivratri: Here are a few more interesting facts about Lord Shiva you must see: 

Lord Shiva’s Favorite Number

Lord Shiva’s favorite number is 3. However, theirs’s no proof of this fact but here are some facts related to Lord Shiva that will make you believe that 3 is his favorite number.


Lord Shiva: First Yogi

Mahashivratri: Lord Shiva is known as the first “Adiyogi” as he was the first to practice yoga in the world. He imparted his knowledge of yoga to humans. We practice yoga for being healthy and the fact of its origin was known to very little people.

Lord Shiva was a Great Dancer


Mahashivratri: Nataraja is the dancing form of Lord Shiva. He was very well known for his dancing skills. Tandav Dance is one of the most famous dance forms of Lord Shiva. Its said that Lord Shiva used to do Tandav when he got extremely angry. Here’s a clip that represents Tandav dance by Lord Shiva.

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