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“Looks Like The FIFA World Cup Has Left Migrant Workers In Quite A Pickle – There’s Nada Work To Be Found In Qatar At The Moment”

After the FIFA World Cup, migrant workers find themselves in a bit of a pickle – jobs are about as common as snow in the desert.

So, The Guardian’s report suggests that quite a few of the impacted employees hail from West Africa and have been dialing up their folks back home to get some dough to keep them afloat as they search for gigs that’ll aid them in paying back their loans.

According to a Guinean employee currently residing in Qatar, he said “I haven’t eaten in two days,” As per a report published in The Guardian, migrant workers residing in Qatar are facing difficulty in securing employment just a little over 100 days after the end of the Fifa World Cup.

One of the workers has shared that he has been seeking financial assistance from his acquaintances back in his homeland. Individuals with “free visas” – a group whom The Guardian has been in communication with – have been unable to secure employment for several months.

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FIFA World Cup
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Facing this difficult situation, one of the workers said “We are in the richest country in the world, but we are begging for money from Africa.” He was feeling quite emphatic and said that it was such an ironic situation for them.

Additionally, there are individuals who arrived in the country via Hayya cards, which are required for entry during the World Cup event in Qatar. The Guardian reports that the cards have been extended until the following year, but they can only be utilized for tourism.

migrant workers
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Quite a Haggard Situation

It has come to light that certain workers have paid exorbitant fees of almost $4,500 to agents in exchange for a Hayya card and assurances of employment upon their arrival for the event.

“I used to eat three square meals at home but here it’s difficult to get one. I have been calling friends in Nigeria to help me. I have not earned a single rial since I entered the country. We’re all regretting coming here,” said Hakrem, another worker hired for FIFA WORLD CUP.

“I want to go home, but I don’t want to go home. The money I owe is keeping me here”, said Ahmed from Nigeria. As per information obtained by The Guardian, it appears improbable that there will be an increase in employment prospects for migrant workers.

migrant workers
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“There is genuinely no work here now. No one is recruiting. There’s only so many highways and roads that they need,”- According to a credible insider employed in the construction industry in Qatar.

Prior to the commencement of the World Cup, FIFA’s head, Gianni Infantino, stated that migrant employees deserve to be treated with honor and respect.

migrant workers
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“Let’s not forget one thing when we speak about this topic, which is work, even hard work, tough work,” Infantino said. “America is a country of immigration. My parents emigrated as well from Italy to Switzerland. Not so far, but still. When you give work to somebody, even in hard conditions, you give him dignity and pride. It’s not charity.”

FIFA- A perfect Chance for players,but what about the workers?

Amidst the hustle and bustle of preparations for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy disclosed before some alarming statistics. They reported that there have been three work-related fatalities, along with 37 untoward non-work-related deaths of workers involved in the massive infrastructure projects that were set to host the grandest football event on the planet.

But to believe in these records stated by them, it will be a bit difficult because there were many news which provided information regarding poor working condition during the preparation of FIFA and it also came to light that many workers didn’t get the payment as stated.

migrant workers
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The latest discovery from The Guardian’s investigation has shed light on a group of workers who hail from the lands of West Africa – from Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Guinea to Niger.

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