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Liam Neeson’s ‘Cold Pursuit’ red carpet premiere cancelled

The New York red carpet commencing for famous Hollywood actor Liam Neeson ’s latest action flick ‘Cold Pursuit,’ has been eliminated after backlash over his comments that he once believed a racist “revenge” attack after someone close to him was raped.

In an interview with a leading British newspaper, Liam Neeson recalled an unpleasant incident when he mulled over a racist revenge attack after someone close to him was raped.

“I went up and down areas with a cosh (a club), hoping I’d be approached by somebody, I’m ashamed to say that,  and I did it for maybe a week, hoping some ‘black bastard’ would come out of a pub and have a go at me about something, you know? So that I could kill him,” he said.

Shortly after the interview was released, the ‘The Commuter’ actor faced strong criticism on social media with people calling him racist.

On Tuesday, Following the backlash, the actor, featured on ABC’s Good Morning America to discuss the issue and cleared up that he is not a racist. “I was trying to show honor, to stand up for my dear friend in this terrible, medieval fashion. I am a fairly intelligent guy and that’s why it kind of shocked me when I came down to earth after having these horrible feelings,” he asserted.

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The Irish actor also noticed that following the incident, he decided to seek the counsel of a priest and exercise helped him get rid of the anger.

Neeson starrer ‘Cold Pursuit’ is all set to hit the big screens on February 8. In the film, Neeson’s character will be seen searching violent revenge after his son dies mysteriously.

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