Know The Importance of pH Value In Selecting Skincare Products

It’s no surprise that all skincare products that we use whether it’s a cleanser, toner, face wash, or even moisturizer, all contains mostly acidic chemicals. YES, you read it right! They are acidic and good for our skin as the pH value of the skin falls within the acidic bar on the pH scale. But most of us prefer soap and water over these skincare products believing they are less harmful. 

The reality is that soap is alkaline but our skin is acidic. This difference disturbs the acid mantle of the skin and leads to inflammation, acne, open pores, wrinkles, and more skin issues. What’s the solution? Check the pH of the skin and use pH-dependent skincare products accordingly

How To Know The Skin’s pH Value?

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pH is a measure of potential hydrogen of any substance that defines its acidity level. More acidic means more powerful against microbes but when it comes to skin the acid level should be within a safe range. 

Because the pH value of skin changes as we age. A newborn has neutral pH whereas an adult has a 5.7 pH value however it’s not fixed and can vary between 5.4-5.9. 

An easy way to check is to use at-home pH kits. A dermatologist can, however, give you accurate results. However, the results will differ and depend on the area that undergoes the test. For instance, if you check the pH of armpits, buttocks, or genital areas result would be more acidic.

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On the other hand, upper body areas like the chest and hands would be more alkaline. Facial skin has an optimal value of 4.7 -5.75 making it slightly acidic than other areas. 

Another way to identify the right pH is to observe your skin and check for these signs:

  • Dry patches
  • Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Rashes
  • Too much oil
  • Aging signs like sagginess, wrinkles, and fine lines
  • Eczema
  • Redness

Ideal pH-Dependent Skincare Products

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Ideally, the skincare products are pH-balanced which means they fall within the range of 4-7 on the scale. There are also few cosmetics at 3.6 bar or within 7 to 7.5 and they are not highly ineffective or bad for the skin.

But, strictly avoid skincare products with pH values lower than 2.5 and higher than 7.5. This would give you a better idea of which skincare product is best and which one is to avoid. 

Ways To Balance Skin’s pH

There are many more ways to balance the acidic level of your skin. Follow these guidelines.

ways to balance skin's pH
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Avoid Soap And Tap Water 

Say No to soap when it comes to cleansing your facial skin and always use lukewarm water instead of tap water to wash the face. 

Protect From Sun

Use sunscreen as it acts as a protective shield for your face and prevents it from damage by UV rays. 

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Boost Skin’s Health With Antioxidants

L-ascorbic acid or Vitamin C is effective against environmental damages caused by harsh weather, so look for vitamin C formulated products. However, don’t layer your facial skin with too many pH-dependent skincare products. 

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the excellent ways to maintain the natural level of skin’s pH is to use diluted apple cider vinegar. Keep the quantity of water high while diluting vinegar and store the mixture in a spray bottle. Apply it daily as a toner. 

Change Your Skincare Habits

Scrubbing your face too hard or using extremely warm water damages your skin disturbing its natural ph. So, avoid long hot showers, harsh cleansers, soaps, and excessive sun exposure. 

Acidic foods like caffeine, poultry, processed grains, and many more increases the acidic bar of your skin resulting in acne breakouts. Limit the intake of such acidic foods. 

Balancing is the key to live a healthy life same goes for facial skin so don’t just blindly apply any product, look for ph balanced skincare products and follow these guidelines instead. 

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