‘Joker’ Got A Higher IMDb Rating Than ‘The Dark Knight’ And We Think This Might Be A New Begining!

Joaquin Phoenix starrer Joker is all over the place for all the right reasons. The movie is justifying all the hype created around its release.                                                   
While Joaquin Phoenix’s scintillating performance as Joker made us compare him with Heath Ledger, ( we never compared any actor with Heath Ledger, because come on, he’s the best!), the movie in itself, is doing wonders!

Joaquin Phoenix
Via: Consequence of Sound

The latest development is, ‘Joker’ now has a higher rating on IMDb than ‘The Dark Knight’ with 9.1/10 in comparison to ‘The Dark Knight’s’ 9/10.

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Surpassing a Nolan iconic is an even bigger than bagging an Oscar! And especially a combination of Heath Ledger and Christopher Nolan.

Since Joaquin Phoenix’s performance is already considered Oscar-Winning, we’re sure this masterpiece is worth all the buzz!

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