Is Your Hand Cream Restricting Your Sanitizer From Its Work? Lets Know

As we know, we are into the 17th day of Coronavirus lockdown, and it is believed that there are various ways to defeat it. But keep your hands clean and germs free is the two best way to combat Covid-19. You can keep your hands clean through using a hand sanitizer or washing your hand with plain water. Both these methods are effective in cleaning your hands. But what about dry hands that are the main cause of washing or sanitizing hands often. Well, to prevent dryness, moisturizer, or hand cream are best for you.

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However, while using hand cream, probably one thing has come in your mind. Is your moisturizer or hand cream restricts hand sanitizer to perform its job? Well, just keep reading to get the answer.

Is Your Hand Cream Or Moisturizer Restricting Your Hand Sanitizer To Perform Its Job?


As compared to sanitizers, you can find a huge variety of hand creams on the market. But if you are following the skincare regimen, you must have had thought about your hand sanitizer.

But you are glad to know using plain water for washing your hands is better than using sanitizers to clean your hands. It is because hand sanitizers only kill bacteria, but bacteria won’t stay away from your hands. Moreover, if you apply quickly, it is unable to kill all the germs, and even applying hand cream over sanitized hands will allow germs to spread fast. As a result, the life of germs can increase.

What should you do? Well, after applying a hand sanitizer on your hands, wait for 1-2 minutes. Once the hand sanitizer air-dry, apply moisturizer and hand cream.

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After knowing that, if you will find another way to moisturize or hydrate your hands. We will suggest you apply hand cream at night with a few drops of body oil and wearing gloves while sleeping. You will definitely wake up with moisturized and soft hands.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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