International Day Of Women And Girls In Science: Indian Women Scientists Reaching Milestones

We all are familiar with the Missile Man of India but did you ever try to know about Missile Woman of the country? Have you ever heard who invented India’s first genetically modified food? Probably, you don’t have any idea about the women scientists of our country who have contributed to the field of science.

This International Day Of Women And Girls In Science, let us have a look at some of the unsung pioneers of India.   

  • Tessy Thomas

57- year-old Tessy Thomas is known as the ‘Missile Woman of India’ because of her contribution to the missile projects of the country. She is currently designated as the Director-General of Aeronautical Systems. She became India’s first woman scientist to head a missile project after becoming the Project Director for the Agni-IV missile in DRDO. She has worked in this field for over 30 years.

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  • Dr. Aditi Pant

Dr. Aditi Pant is an Indian oceanographer. In 1983, she became the first Indian woman to visit one of the untouched places of the world- Antarctica. During her studies, she was inspired by the book ‘The Open Sea’ by Alister Hardy. She was awarded a scholarship by the US Government to pursue a Master’s in Marine Sciences at the University of Hawaii. She has worked with the National Institute of Oceanography, India for almost 17 years.

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  • Nandini Harinath

Nandini Harinath is a Rocket Scientist at the Indian Space Research Organisation, Bengaluru. She was also the Deputy Operations Director for the Mars Orbiter Mission Mangalyaan. In her 20 years of working, she has been a part of  14 missions.  She is also the Mission system leader of NISAR, a satellite mission of NASA and ISRO in conjunction. She was a gold medalist in the field of electronics while pursuing her studies.

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  • Chandrima Shaha

Chandrima Shaha is an Indian biologist who became the First Woman President of the Indian National Science Academy in 2020. She is also a Professor of Eminence at the National Institute of Immunology. She possesses expertise in cell biology and has been rewarded various awards for the same. She has also conducted comprehensive research about the Leishmania parasite (Kala-Azar).


  • Usha Barwale Zehr

Usha Barwale is a Joint Director of Research and Chief Technology Officer at Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Co. She is known for developing India’s first genetically modified food, the Bt Brinjal. She has been working for almost 19 years for improving the quality and productivity of food and crops. She has also established various charitable and educational organizations for the development of society.

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  These women have proved that dreams do come true. This International Day Of Women And Girls In Science, let us take a moment to pay tribute to the great women who have dedicated their lives to the growth of science and technology.

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