Interesting Facts About Air Jordan Aka Michael Jordan

One of the greatest NBA players of all time, Michael Jordan, was born today on 17th February. The former professional basketball player turned 58 today. He was an ace athlete and has inspired many young players. Well, not just his game but MJ’s entire life is an inspiration for us. 

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From Michael To Magic Jordan

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Everybody has that one person who he/she admires since childhood. Michael had it too, it was a former basketball player of America Magic Johnson. He was such a biggest fan of Magic that he even kept his nickname after him. Magic Jordan, that’s what he renamed himself, and even got his first car 1976 Grand Prix’s license plate with a nickname on it. 

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Michael Is Scared Of Water

1.98 m tall Michael is afraid of water he has aquaphobia thus he stay away from large water bodies. There’s a tragic incident behind it. The young Michael saw his friend drowned in an ocean. Once, he also fell into the water at baseball camp fortunately he was saved but this embedded the fear forever in the mind of MJ. 

Handwork Is A Good Work

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This is what Jordan’s dad advised him when he was at high school. James R. Jordan, Michael’s father, told him that, “ Those who have handwork always have good work.” 

These words changed Michael’s life and he worked hard to get selected in one of the teams of America, the McDonald’s All-American Team. 

From Michael To Air Jordan

michael jordan
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Throughout his basketball career, Michael has entertained fans with his ability to take high leaps and slam dunks. The highest vertical leap by any player so far measures 48 inches, the record is made by none other than Air Jordan.

It is still the highest leaps in the basketball game ever and nobody has broken his record. Fans have also given him the nickname ” His Airness.”

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Double Retirement

michael jordan
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MJ retired twice from the basketball game, once in 1988 but he returned to the game in 2001. His basketball career started in the year 1984 and He finally retired in 2003. 

During his entire career, he won several accolades such as the NBA Most Valuable Player Award, Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall Of Fame Rookie of the Year, IBM award, and more.




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