India Will Face Vaccine Shortage Till July Says Serum Institute CEO

Where one end India is facing a shortage of oxygen supplies, the unavailability of enough vaccines for all is raising concerns. Amid the shortage, the CEO of Serum Institute of India has warned the nation about insufficient vaccines. Adar Poonawalla said, “The vaccine shortage will continue till July.”

Why India Is Facing Vaccine Shortage?

As of now, SII is producing 60-70 M doses every month but this is not sufficient to cater needs of every state. The company will increase the production to 100 M per month as per the reports. Poonawalla stated few reasons behind the vaccine shortage.

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  • There were no orders to boost the production so the company was producing as per the set requirements.
  • Furthermore, the shortage of raw supplies has lowered the production after which the country seeks help from the US and other nations.
  • Another reason behind the vaccine shortage is the improper monitoring and estimation of rising cases in India. Government is responsible for the vaccine shortage and not the firm.
  • The declining trend of covid cases at the beginning made the government assume that there won’t be a second wave. But the conditions turned out to be terrible than before where India is recording more than 3 lakh cases each day.

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Criticism On Vaccine Shortage

Rising prices of covid vaccine for the hospitals and state governments was also the reason behind criticizing the Serum Institute. Following which the company showed a philanthropic gesture and cut down the rates.

adar poonawalla

CEO of Serum Institute also faced criticisim for leaving the country amid such conditions which would affect the country’s vaccine needs. He cited the security threats as the reason for his decision but later he returned to India.

On this, Maharahstra Minister Shambhurah Desai asked Adar Poonawalla to disclose about those politicians or leaders who are threatening him.

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It seems that the country has to wait a little longer to inoculate every citizen. Till it happens, every state and government has to have an appropriate plan to curb the spread of the virus. Many states have already put the lockdown which is the last precautionary measure for India.

Amidst lockdown, the vaccination program is continuing for those above 45, and registration of people above 18 has also begun. However, Madhya Pradesh, TN, Punjab, Maharashtra, and many more have put the vaccination on hold for those above 18 citing a shortage of vaccine supplies.

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