How To Disinfect And Clean Your Makeup Products Regularly?

If you are a makeup lover and have lots of makeup products, you need to know that taking care of them is very important. Makeup products catch bacteria quickly, which can lead to several skin issues. It not only affects the skin, lip products, and eye products can also affect your lips and eyes if it’s not washed and cleaned properly.

You can take care of makeup products as per the quantity of using them. But the cleaning and washing process is not the same for different makeup products. Therefore, here we discussed disinfecting and cleaning different makeup products. Let’s look.

Eye Crayon Or Pencil:

Being said that, you will face an eye infection by sharing your eye crayons to others. So, you should avoid giving your eye pencil to others. Apart from that, it would be best to sharpen your crayons and pencils while using them. Also, remember to clean the sharpener before using it.

To disinfect eye shadows, blushes, highlighters, pressed powders, bronzers, you should always clean it with a brush. So, take a clean tissue and wipe the brush before every time you use it. You can also spray some rubbing alcohol on it.



Lipstick is the most usable makeup product, so it’s necessary to clean it properly. You can spray alcohol to clean your lipstick. For this, you need to gently rub alcohol on the upper surface of your lipstick and then wipe it with a cotton cloth.

Blushes, Eye Shadow And Compact Powders:


You should always clean your blushes, eye shadows, highlighters, and compact powders to disinfect them. For this, you can use the tissue paper to clean the brush or spray some alcohol on it.



The usage frequency of your brushes decides the cleaning time. So, if you use sponges and brushes three times a week, you should clean it every week with hand wash.



You may be amazed to know that even your mascara brush can catch germs quickly, which will cause irritation and itching. So, for managing the hygiene level, change mascara every two months.

To conclude, these are the tips to clean your makeup products. So, follow them and prevent your makeup products from bacteria.

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