Holiness of Friday on Good Friday

During our childhood days we all heard this story of Jesus Christ, especially missionary school children, he was put to death and then revitalized again to forgive the sins of his followers. Good Friday is distinguished for the reminiscence of Crucifixion and Death of Christ. It is considered as the sacrificial death of Jesus as he adopted all the sufferings to liberate people from the chain of sins and vices.

Significance Of Good Friday

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Good Friday is also known as Black Friday, Easter Friday, Great Friday or Holy Friday. According to sacred religious gospels, it is believed that Jesus was deceived by Judas and eventually led to apprehension, later he was lashed and beaten by Roman Soldiers for claiming to be the King of Jews. And ultimately he was nailed, crucified and carried to death.

There is a paradoxical situation that why Good Friday is known a Good despite all the pains and sufferings which Jesus has gone through. His death was planned to save the people from enslavement of all agonies and problems. Jesus was actually immortal, whose deathblow was the only way for the deliverance from sins and difficulties of mankind. He was resurrected after that and his resurrection is celebrated as Easter Sunday. Good Friday is originated from ‘God’s Friday’.

How is Good Friday Celebrated?


Good Friday is held to pay reverence to Christ for his Sublime Oblation. People observe it as a day of mourning and remembering Jesus’ sacrifices. Christians get dressed with Dark-colored clothes, Black color is usually preferred, they participate in Church services or the stations of the cross and remain silent during such rituals. Some people attend the services where the sermons of Jesus crucifixion are narrated, the services mostly take place from noontime till 3 pm as these were the hours of Jesus’ tribulations and afflictions. Many people do fasting on this day. In many countries, even Funeral Procession takes place to memorize death. Thus whole day people involve in prayers and spiritual activities.

In fact, the prodigious event takes place in Jerusalem where Christians follow Jesus’ strides and stroll on the same path which leads to the site of Crucifixion. In some places, even the whole procedure of enactment takes place of the death of the Christ on the Cross.

When is Good Friday celebrated?

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Good Friday takes place after Maundy Thursday before Easter which is acknowledged as the Last Supper of Jesus Christ because after that he was arrested and went through tortures, stripped, nailed, and put to death. This Maundy Thursday is symbolized as the end of Lenten Season, a period of forty days during which Christians make themselves ready for the Feast of the Passover. This year Good Friday will be celebrated on 2nd  April and it always celebrated before Easter Sunday which will be celebrated on 4th April.

Good Friday is the day of Proclamation of Good over Evil

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Henceforth it can be said this is a pious day as Jesus Christ carried away all the misdeeds and troubles with him, freed mankind by recompensing himself and defeated his death forever by reviving. Thus it’s a day of celebration and merriment. The day of enlightenment and love




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