Here Are Some Simplified Rules Of Dating That You Should Keep In Mind

Exploring the world is an everlasting to-do list. We are always interested in exploring a new place and making memories. Similar taste of memories can be made by making new friends or just meeting and knowing new people around.

Dating is something really in trend nowadays. Being a girl one can relate to the situation of what to wear. Where you are concerned about the dress and your look there are pretty more little things you might be missing. From the people indulged in dating, we have gathered some of the opinions of the guys about their dating experience.

First Date
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Yes, it is awkward when you meet new people and find nothing to say which is completely uncomfortable to stay.  Before planning for a date, know what men think or expect. When you want other people to appreciate you and understand you with your point of view it is as important to know and welcome their opinion that one must know. It is not to impress anyone out here but to respect and understand the individual’s thought.

So here we go

First impression-

First Impression
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Most of us think that first impression is last, b

ut when both of you or just one of you face nervousness it is common to make mistakes. Don’t pre-judge your worlds and life is different weather you know the person or going for a blind date. Give some time, don’t be pettifogger.

Expensive is not care

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Expecting dates to be at expensive restaurant is not everything. It is possible that the other person is just checking on you. Don’t be a gold digger. Every man likes independent women.

They appreciate women who ask for splitting bills although it completely ok if he does not allow you to pay or you split the bill. Remember it pays to pay so at least attempt to pay your date will surely appreciate it and anyways you can bare your expense.

Talking about Ex

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You are out to make new friends and accept them the way they are. Talking about your ex or comparing thing with them would be dishonouring the other person. Try not to bring back the dead.

Be yourself-

Be Yourself
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Pretending to be someone else is always temporary. Behave yourself but be your own self would help other people to understand you better and lead a better direction toward entering into a relationship. Just like order something to eat that you are comfortable with not something that you want to pretend.

Confidence –

Confident girl
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Every guy likes a confident girl. Feel confident about yourself, what you are wearing and that you speak. Don’t be shy in asking questions. Be intriguing, it’s a total turn-on for the guys.

Be honest-

Dating Tips
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Whatever you speak, be truthful about that. The false would surely break the connections that you would never want to lose. Let there be a solid base for the relation you are building.

Don’t talk smack –

No bitching
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When on the date the time you spend is meant for it. Talking or bitching about anyone is complete NO! Cattiness is not attractive girls.

Give thanks-

Be thankful
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Be kind even if you are not seeing the person again. Thank the person for being with you. Friendship is the first step toward knowing someone. Be thankful to everyone. Men appreciate kind and caring women after all these this is what a woman is about.


Guys usually don’t like interruption when they talk, but if something, behaviour or topic makes you uncomfortable mention it right there. Knowing your personal space will make you comfortable. Men love girls who know the difference between fashion and vulgar.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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