Happy Festive Season! Make Your Teej Delightful With These Homemade Immunity Boosting Ladoos

The festive season is just around the corner and its excitement is everywhere. Teej has come, and its preparations are on peak. Right from buying new clothes and accessories to preparing snacks to sweets, the festive season has started!

Unfortunately, things are quite different this year; the happiness of the festival is sanitized and masked behind the ruggedness of the novel covid-19 pandemic. This pandemic has not only changed our lifestyles but has also made us realize the value of strong immunity and healthy living more than ever!

So, why not make your festive day awesome and healthy by replacing the traditional ladoos with nutritious and immunity-boosting ladoos. Let’s check out the 3 immunity-boosting ladoos below.

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Sesame Jaggery Ladoos:

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You only need some jaggery, cardamom powder, and white sesame (white til) to make this ladoo recipe. Both sesame and jaggery are great for boosting immunity naturally. Sesame is loaded with a good source of calcium, zinc, vitamin B6, copper, selenium, whereas jaggery is loaded with the iron, vitamins, calcium, and minerals.

Ginger Dates Ladoos:


Sound strange? Yes, but it is loaded with nutrients and will give your body the much-needed boost and warmth to stay healthy and fit during the monsoon. For making this ladoo recipe, you just need almonds, dates, and ginger.

Dates are not only yummy and sweet but also good for health, whereas almonds are a good source of vitamin E and fatty acids.

The other ingredients you need- 1 ½ cup pitted dates, ½ cup ginger, 1 tablespoon ghee, cardamom powder, turmeric, and 1 cup crushed almonds.

Cinnamon Dry Fruit Ladoos:

Via: cookpad.com

No need to tell that the dry fruits are delicious and healthy. They contain fiber, fatty acids, minerals, concentrated vitamins, and whatnot! Moreover, nut and dry fruits have been stapled elements of our festive recipes. So, why not using them to make a healthy ladoo?

So, friends, what are you waiting for? Try these recipes at home right home and make your Teej delicious and delightful.

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Which one you’ll pick first? Let us know in the comment sections below!

Happy Teej!

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