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Google Rolls Out Next-Gen AI Tools For Gmail, Collaboration And Cloud Software

On March 14, Google revealed a burst of AI tools for its email, collaboration as well as cloud software. The tech firm is pointing at Microsoft days before its opponent is anticipated to make the same announcement. 

If we go through the past month thoroughly, we find that Alphabet introduced a “magic wand” for its very famous Google Docs software that can make a marketing blog, training plan, and much more, the firm’s official revealed to reporters. 


At the same time, Microsoft has rolled out a Thursday regarding how it is “reinventing productivity via Artificial Intelligence” which is anticipated to represent its competing Word processor. 

What will this AI do?

Alphabet also revealed that its Artificial Intelligence will be capable of making a conclusion of the message threads in Gmail, crafting slide presentations, customizing customer reach along with taking meeting notes as a part of its update to Google Workspace.

The developments show how ChatGPT has started a race in Silicon Valley to amalgamate products with Artificial Intelligence, which learns from past data how to make content anew. 

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Firms like Microsoft, Alphabet, and others are putting billions of dollars to make and deploy the technology, anticipating business they succeed from speeding up writing and creative tasks for office workers will far surpass the value of these ventures. 

“This next stage is a place where we are drawing human beings to be backed with an AI partner, who is putting its energy in real-time,” Thomas Kurian, the chief executive of Google Cloud, revealed in a press briefing. 

Alphabet is providing acknowledged test users access to new Workspace features on a rolling basis over the year, prior to a broader launch, identical to it and Microsoft’s phased issue of their AI programs. 

Broad Range of AIs By Google

Google also revealed a broad range of generative AI tools for its cloud-computing clients. For example, previewing access to PaLM, which lists its name among the most powerful “big language models” that make human-like text. 

Google revealed customers can fine-tune its AI model with the data possessed by them at the time keeping the detail and advantages proprietary. 


In another enterprise software instance, Google demonstrated how a fictional furniture business can make better customer-service AI able of making images and text, such as representing a corgi dog will look on a mid-century modern chair. 

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The chatbot can amalgamate with a payments system so a buyer then can purchase the chair, a promotional video demonstrated.

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