Latest Technology News: Google increases price of G Suite


Now, G Suite of Google will cost you dearer as the company has increased the prices of its service for G Suite Basic and G Suite Business.

As if now, the productivity tools offered by Google were free. The company has started charging for the premium version at USD 50 per year since 2007, with the addition of USD 5 per month option for users of the upcoming versions.

As per the latest technology news, The Fast Company says that the cost of the service will now be ranging from USD 5 to USD 6 a month per user. G Suite Business, which allows reservation policies for email, is now up from USD 10 to USD 12.

However, G Suite Enterprise remains unchanged at USD 25 per user per month.

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From April 2, 2019, new prices will be effective and the existing subscribers will only pay the higher price when their current subscriptions end.

The reason behind the hike in price is Google’s aggressive approach towards adding new apps, features, and benefits, to have a contest against Microsoft’s Office Suite.

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