7 Interesting Figures Revealed By the Google CEO


7 Interesting Figures Revealed By the Google CEO! Google has had in numerous elements and aspects with it to get fascinated about. But the facts that CEO Sundar Pichai revealed hardly have any competitors in the queue.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai had been poised with some crucial questions as with his appearance before the United States House Judiciary Committee. Most of these questions had been targeting Google’s China plans.

On Tuesday, Sundar Pichai, Google CEO endured about three and a half hours of frequent questioning in front of the House Judiciary Committee, US. He was questioned much about the market position of the company he leads, complaints of political bias and various other concerns over launching their censored search product in China.

Unlike other tech CEOs who were found struggling under congressional questioning, Pichai stuck to his repetitive answers and remained cool all throughout. There were many other greater issues that were highlighted as the question hour continued. However, the figures and facts that were revealed are really interesting.

7 Interesting Numbers Revealed by the Google CEO

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Figure #1 – 15: Pichai, states that over 15 percent of the entire search queries received by Google are those that it had never received before.

Figure#2 – 1000: The Google Search Team consists of more than 1000 people.

Figure#3 – 72: In case of breach, 72 hours or three days is what Google has to notify to its authorities and users. However, this may not be the case always; it has to followed under certain conditions and circumstances.


Figure#4 – 160 million: 160 million users have undertaken Google Privacy Checkup. This Google feature tells you about what personal information and data has been collected and shared with others. As per Pichai, over 20 million people have completed the Privacy Checkup last month.

Figure#5 – 100: Pichai revealed the fact that there were 100 employees working on the China Project.

Figure#6 – 2: Well, that’s the number of ads which according to Pichai were linked to the Russian interface during the US Presidential Elections.


Figure#7 – 4700: This is the number of Russian dollars spent on ads by the mentioned two accounts that were linked to the Russian interface.

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These numbers certainly hold great importance for Google and have emerged as some key aspects of the Congressional Question hour.