GET YOUR GLOW BACK: 4 Bad Beauty Habits You Just Have To Break

We all want to look beautiful and attractive. We dream a healthy and glowing skin, but intentionally or unintentionally, we may be doing certain things that may be damaging the texture and glow of or skin. Here we’ve come up with some of the bad beauty habits that you should say goodbye right now if you want a flawless and healthy skin. So, what are these habits? Read on to know.

Bad Beauty Habits To Avoid ASAP:

Touching Your Pretty Face:


Well, friends! There’s a virus out there, so you should not be touching your face, but even without a virus touching your face constantly is the worst beauty habit. By touching your face, again and again, you welcome bacteria from the door nob, laptop, or gadgets on your face. So, stop touching your face right now.

Skipping Sunscreen:


Most of us skip sunscreen as we think that this is unnecessary when we’re at home, but that’s not true. You should also apply sunscreen when you’re indoors as well. The glass used in our offices and houses are designed to block out the harmful sun rays, but it does protect our skin from all UVA rays. So, it’s essential to put sunscreens throughout the day.

Picking Pimples:


We’ve done this bad habit many times. We get this wish to pop the pimple sitting on our pretty face, but this should be avoided ASAP. It is because touching or pricking the pimples can lead scars and spots, which for sure nobody wants.

Sleeping With Your Makeup On:


Maybe quarantine forcing you not to do a full face makeup but how much of makeup you are applying; keeping it on your face for the long run should be avoided. Make sure you remove the makeup from your face before sleep.

Use a makeup remover if needed because sleeping with makeup on can increase sebum production, clog pores and build dirt, which can cause various skin problems.

Are you guilty of these bad beauty habits, or do you have another one of your own? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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