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Nostalgia Alert!!! Get Ready For Endless Fun With Friends Reunion

The teaser is out and we can’t wait anymore to watch the new episodes of our favorite TV show and the hilarious characters again. The show makers and Pandemic kept it on hold but thankfully “Friends: The Reunion” is happening this year on HBO max.

Could we BE any more excited!!!!

We all are excited about how it would be? Will there be any changes? Whatsoever, it would be fun after all.

We are revealing few highlights of the show and some interesting facts about the friends cast.

All About The “Friends: The Reunion ” And Surprising Facts About Friends Cast

The show will debut on the 27th of May with the friends cast, Justin Beiber, BTS, Reese Witherspoon, Lady Gaga, and many more as guests on the premiere.

Jennifer Anniston recently posted the teaser with the caption “Could we BE any more excited” on Instagram.


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Courtney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa, David Schwimmer, and Matthew are equally excited for this get-together.

But that’s not it; there is much to know about this most-awaited show. Check out below.

Nothing Special About Friends: The Reunion

Friends the reunion

Yes! For the first time, we’ll see the real Friends cast and not the original characters of the show. There’s no script and only behind the scenes with no guaranteed timeline. Still, it does gonna be fun as they must have lots of things to share and discuss all four seasons.

You can expect some secrets to get revealed.

The Million Dollar Reunion

friends the reunion

All the six stars of the show will make millions, any guesses about fees? It’s around $2.5 to 3 mn more than what they originally got for the previous seasons.

Guess Who Will Host The Special?

friends reunion special

So, finally, it’s confirmed that there won’t be any more episodes and just chit-chat about the past experience. Surely they would have something interesting to share with us as all the six members of the friends cast revealed their excitement about get together on insta.

But who will be the host? According to Lisa Kudrow, it’s the star host Ellen DeGeneres. Maybe but David completely denied Ellen hosting the Friends Reunion.

Facts About Friends Cast

1. Not Six, The Show writer originally featured only four friends and two were the supporting roles.

2. All the character’s names are inspired by one show: All My Children

3. The title was not easy to select.” Friends Like Us, Insomnia Café” were some of the suggested titles.

4. Everyone hated the theme song

5. Directors wanted Courteney to be Rachel but she opted for Monica

6. The Friends cast united for equal salary and even threatened to boycott the show. Finally, the directors paid $1 million per episode to each member

7. Matt LeBlanc almost had a nervous breakdown due to the immense Fame he got after FRIENDS

8. Jennifer Aniston doesn’t even remember any of the episodes of the show, she said in an interview with The One

9. David Schwimmer never gave an audition for the role of Ross, it was an offer.

10. The show did not shoot on a closed set, it was LIVE in front of around 300 audiences.

I guess there would be many more surprising facts about Friends cast that we’d get to hear from the actors on 27th May.

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