Budget 2019: Producers Guild of India welcomes Union Budget 2019 provisions for film industry

sidharh roy kapur

Budget-2019 The Producers Guild of India has greeted the central government’s revelation of single-window clearance for Indian filmmakers to shoot their films – a provision that was previously available only to international filmmakers.

Finance Minister Piyush Goyal, while showing the Interim Budget on Friday, further announced the launch of anti-camcording provisions to control the risk of privacy, following which the House broke out into cheers of “How’s the Josh”.

Welcoming the move, Producers Guild of India president Sidharth Roy Kapur in a report said,

“We are delighted that the immense contribution of Indian cinema towards employment generation in the country has been acknowledged and applauded in Parliament during the presentation of the Union Budget.”

He further said, “The announcement of a single-window clearance mechanism for Indian filmmakers filming within India is a significant step and has the potential to play a huge role in boosting tourism in the country. The amendments in the Anti Camcording provisions will support the industry’s growth by curtailing illegal recordings of films in cinema halls and will go a long way towards reducing piracy.”
The single-window clearance is a trade facilitation idea that facilitated international traders to put regulatory documents at a specific location and a specific entity.

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The special-window clearance increases productivity through time and cost savings for the Indian filmmakers in contracting with government authorities for retrieving relevant clearance before commencing with any shoot.