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Fashion Brand Forever 21 To Go Bankrupt? Twitter Reacts!


Seems that the deteriorating economy is taking down this popular fast-fashion brand with it.

Every millennial’s go-to clothing brand Forever 21 is reportedly filing for Bankruptcy.

Forever 21
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According to reports, due to a decline in cash flow and failed business plans, the company is considering to file for bankruptcy.
Although rumor has it that their financial advisors are trying hard to figure out a plan for them.

Forever 21
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However, the meetings with these advisors have been put on hold for now, due to some unknown reasons, according to reports.
Forever 21 is also considering applying for a debtor-in-possession loan.

It means that the company will be forced to file for bankruptcy but will still manage to run their business while figuring out their financial woes.

Forever 21
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Obviously, Twitter reacted to this unexpected news.

So Forever 21 not so forever anymore?