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Facebook Changed Its Name To “Meta”, What Does It Mean?

Friday morning brought a huge change for Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, its users, and employees. It will no longer be called by this name. “Meta” is the new name of Facebook. During a company’s Connect Conference event on 28th October, Company’s CEO announced the same and talked about rebranding the company.

“I am proud to announce that starting today, our company is now Meta. Our mission remains the same, still about bringing people together with our apps and their brands, they are not changing,” said Mark during the global event.

However, many are calling it a meaningless change whereas Mark calls it the beginning of the new chapter. Let’s dig deeper into this new journey of Facebook, know the meaning of Meta, and understand what made the company rebrand itself.

Why Did Facebook Change Its Name?

facebook new name

It was not a quick decision at all, the company’s owner Mark was planning for it for long. He wants to introduce Facebook as more than just a social media platform. With its new company, Mark focuses on connecting people differently.

It won’t be limited to merely having an online presence just as other social media platforms do. Mark wants to expand this world to virtual space. In other words, Meta is a 3D space that connects the world using technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.

Both are nothing new in the technological world. These technologies are the fastest growing trends in 2021 and will get stronger in upcoming years. So, this new change of Facebook is one step towards the future.

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 Why ‘Meta’?

facebook new name

As far as the new name of Facebook is concerned, it originated three decades ago when an American novelist first used the word in his novel. He termed Meta as a broad virtual environment that is easily accessible by anyone anywhere in the world.

The concept syncs with Mark’s vision and mission to connect the world. So, Meta is apt not just from this point of view but also from its real meaning. It is a Greek word that means beyond. It’s a new journey with a new name and new idea but most of the things will remain the same.

Facebook-owned Whatsapp, Instagram, and Messenger will have no impact. But, it won’t wipe off all the serious issues the company is facing raised by ex-employee Frances Haugen.

facebook mark zuckerberg

She is a former member of the civic integrity team of Facebook and has put severe allegations of subsidizing anger and hate on the platforms. This has put the company under the radar of US regulators.

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