Explained: How Does 5G Affect Airlines?

As soon as 5G services are rolled out in the U.S rolled, several major airlines such as Boeing, Air India, and British Airways have cancelled the flights. German airline, Lufthansa decided to switch aircraft models. All are concerned about the 5G affect on airlines about which Federal Aviation Administration has already warned the state.

According to them, the new deployment would put passengers and airlines at the risk. Surprisingly, this new concern has arrived only in the U.S but its effect is seen on many nations. Here’s how.

5G Vs Airlines: What Is The Problem?

5g afect airlines

5G is no different than 3G and 4G other than the high speed it offers. The higher the frequency, the higher will be the speed. The concept is simple but it turns out as a problem for America as the spectrum range within which it works interferes with airplanes’ frequency.

The spectrum range is 3.7-3.98 GHz for 5G whereas it lies between 4.2-4.4Ghz for airlines. The difference seems enough but still, 5G affects airlines. How?

This is because of a device called an Altimeter, this device helps the pilot in landing the flight safely by indicating the exact distance between ground and plane. It also helps during bad weather when the visibility is very low.

FAA is worried that the frequency spectrum of 5G will affect the operation of the altimeter which may damage the navigation system.

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Why Is 5G Airline Issue Only America’s Concerns?

5g affect airlines

China, South Korea, the UK, Spain, Australia, Sweden, and many more nations have adopted 5G technology. If 5G airplane issue is real then it would cause interference in almost every place where the 5G towers are installed.

But not every nation has raised this concern, FAA is the only one and it has been raising airline safety risks for years. It is because the towers are installed close to 50 airports. The federation demanded that the operation of these towers should be stopped for 6 months to reduce the 5G airplane interference.

However, the world’s largest telecom company AT&T has blamed FAA for not using the time to deploy the services safely. This is acting as an alert for other countries including India which is yet to install 5G.

Director-General of Cellular Operators Association of India has laid his views on the 5G affect on airplanes. He said that these evidences are not enough to come to a conclusion that 5G is a hindrance for aviation. They can exist together.

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