5 Ways To Boost Your Focus And Concentration Power

Our mind knows no limit while thinking and it can get lost in the world of thoughts. Daydreaming is not bad but when you are working on an urgent task, it’s important to take control of your thoughts and focus. It’s hard for many because of poor work-life balance, stress, phone addiction, or medical conditions.

Distraction is just a click away for such people with poor ability to concentrate. But they can always deal with this problem by knowing how to improve focus and concentration. There are certain ways that train your brain to stay focused.

How To Increase Focus And Concentration

1. Break-Up With Your SmartPhone


In this digital world, not using a smartphone is impossible as we need it for more than just for calling. But do not depend on it or let it control your brain. Either switch it off or put the phone on silent whenever you are working. Still, if you cannot resist the urge to check your phone at least once, put it away from your reach.

2. Don’t Divide Your Time


If you are someone who multitask always, your ability to focus and concentration will reduce automatically. It is because your brain is not designed for multitasking. By feeding it more than what it can handle, you are draining its energy.

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Indirectly, it affects your efficiency, performance and makes you dumb as multitasking reduces IQ level. That’s not it. Multitasking also:

  • Reduces your creativity level
  • Cause stress and anxiety
  • Lowers your emotional intelligence
  • Force you to make bad decisions
  • Makes you less productive

So, the next time you do multitasking remind yourself what you are doing to your brain.

3. Train Your Monkey Brain

how to improve focus and concentration

Don’t mind if we compare the brain with a monkey because it acts similarly in a few situations. Jumping from one task to another, wandering freely and controlled by desire and fear, making you look like a fool. You may not realize it, but others definitely can judge you this way. So, how to train it?

Practicing these ways of increasing focus and concentration will keep it under control:

  • Play memory games
  • Meditate and practice mindfulness
  • Get a CBT
  • Try breathing technique

4. Play Video Games

ways to improve focus and concentration

This is one of the fun ways to improve focus and concentration and it works. Scientists have studied the benefits of playing video games on 29 people during research.  What they found as a result was playing for one hour leads to better visual selective attention. This in turn improves the ability to concentrate and focus.

But researchers have not confirmed whether these effects are long-lasting or short-term.

5. Turn On The Radio

how to improve focus and concentration

For many, listening to music while working seems a disturbance but studies say music increases concentration. Stanford University School of Medicine in their study has found that classical music improves the brain’s absorbing power.

Music also uplifts your mood, motivates, and boosts memory. This may not work for all as music can also distract if you are listening to loud music, or trying to remember things. The type of work you do and the music you choose will greatly impact your focusing power.

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But if you simply want to prevent the mind from wandering, music is good therapy.

  • Choose only music with no lyrics
  • Sound of nature or soft music is better
  • Do not keep the volume high
  • Avoid listening to songs you used to listen to when you are upset
  • Go for ads-free music

There are other more ways to increase focus and concentration like eating foods that improve memory. Coffee, exercise, or simply taking a break from work when you can’t focus also helps. If nothing works, then any medical or psychological condition makes it hard for you.

Consult a doctor or therapist.




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