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Excessive Discipline Hurts Your Kid Badly, Here’s How 

Don’t get hurt if I say that you are ruining your kid’s life by forcing them to be in discipline. Undoubtedly, discipline is essential, but excessive discipline can make them under confident. As a result, your kid will stay in confusion about whatever he/she does.

They will continuously wonder, “are they doing right?” This constant state of confusion and low confidence will not let them move ahead in life. This isn’t it; there are many more negative effects of over childhood discipline. Read further to know.

What Excessive Discipline Does To Your Kid’s Life?

Immunity To Discipline

excessive discipline

Consistent behavior and correcting someone’s actions will make them irritated. As a result, they will argue and pick bad habits soon. It applies to the kids as well. Soon your routine will make them immune towards discipline. 

Therefore, it is necessary to teach discipline or correct them only when truly needed. Don’t shout on them for a minor offence like leaving food, playing too much, and more. They are kid and let them behave like it. Please don’t force them to grow and act like adults. 

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Low Self-Esteem

excessive discipline

Every home has some rules, but breaking them should not be the most significant offence that brings harsh punishments. Some parents don’t understand this and shout on their young ones for breaking even one single rule out of millions you have made. 

It will hurt their self-esteem and affect their future. Qualities and perception that your child develops in childhood remain forever with them. Low self-esteem is terrible for the rest of their life and will always pull them back instead of moving ahead. 

Bring positive discipline in practice and appreciate them more instead of being harsh on them. The better they feel, the more they will listen to you. 


excessive discipline

Although every parent wants their kid to behave as per their expectation, over-controlling or excessive discipline will infuse fear in their little heart. If your kid fails in learning a new skill, game, or any other area, then Scolding and comparing them with others will cause fear.

They will eventually stop trying new things because of fear of failure. Doing this, you are questioning their abilities. So, instead of scolding and comparing, celebrate their individuality. They are at the growing stage and teach them that failure is a part and not a result. Being a parent, it’s your responsibility to explain how to deal with failure. 

Even if they fail the number of times, still tell them you can do it because your words matter more than others.

Parenting is tougher than giving birth to a baby. You are not only their guardian but a teacher, best friend, and someone on whom they are dependent, at least till they grow as an adult. So, be a best friend, a motivator, and a coach of your little one.

Practice positive child discipline methods to train them well without affecting their confidence and self-esteem. Don’t just be a parent; instead, be a good parent. 

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